Your Kid’s Reading Buddy- Minnie is Ready!


An interactive robot named Minnie could help make your child an active and happy reader,a new study claims. A team at the University of Wisconsin-Madison built the robot named Minnie- a reading buddy for the children aged from 10 to 12.  It helps to make your child an active and happy reader.

With simple, oversized black eyes on a relatively featureless white globe of a head, Minnie can react, summarize and appear thoughtful.

It even starts by following an introductory read by recommending books from its library. At the start of each reading session, Minnie reminds the child of the book they’ve been reading and the last page number.

The child can keep reading the book or switch to a new one. Also, Minnie offers suggestions based on his or her interests and reading ability.The books provided to kids contained scanable tags, as the kids read; they would scan these tags into Minnie’s chest camera, allowing the robot to keep track of where they were in a book.Minnie was programmed to make comments about the books as the child read out loud.

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