Wooden Fence vs Bamboo Fence – Pros and Cons of fences


There are many things in our home that should be protected well. There are homes that get hold of costly things to keep it safe and some other homes get hold of pet animals. You might have seen homes that contain productive trees in their garden. In order to keep all these things safe, the home should be fenced without fail. Yes, fencing will not let the unknowns or trespassers enter into the premises of your home and hence you can keep the bearings of your home safe and secure. There are different types of fencing to reckon. We are going to discuss about wooden and bamboo fencing in this article.

Wooden Fencing

You all might have come across wooden fencing. The wooden fencing is one of the most affordable fences to choose from. Be is the wood the naturally occurring material, the cost of the wooden fencing is quite inexpensive while comparing to other fences. You can hire the chain link fencing supplies company to buy the chain link fence. The durability of the wooden fencing is something that remains unquestionable. If you maintain the wooden fencing with proper care, then it will come for some decades. Wooden fencing is something that can be painted in any such color according to your needs.

Bamboo Fencing

If you are someone that concerns a lot about the environment and want to go green with the fencing, then you should choose the bamboo fencing. Bamboo may be a kind of a grass, but the bamboo fencing is much stronger than the wooden fencing and other types of fencing. The cost of the bamboo fencing is really low while comparing to normal fencing. The bamboo gets hold of natural color and shading, so it goes well with anything that you have at your backyard. The life time of the bamboo fencing will be 20 years.

Pros and Cons of Fencing


  • Safety and security is the foremost reason why people want to do put fencing around their home. Having a good fencing installed at your home will keep your bearings and yourself safe from the persons that enter up your home with wrong intensions.
  • Some people will like to cause harm to pets. In such cases, having the fencing around your home will let the trespasser and others stay away from your pet.
  • It is really frustrating to deal with people who will not be helpful to you, but will check where you are going, what you are doing and more. In order to stay away from these people, you should have fencing around your home. Fencing will increase your privacy.


  • With no doubts, fencing will add beauty, protection and privacy to your home, but it needs proper care and maintenance to work for a long period of time.
  • If you have a home nearby, then you need to get the consent from your neighbor too for fencing.

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