Welcome The Guests With Kraft Paper Box Bags – Grand Wedding Ceremony Tips


Planning a wedding in full flamboyance will be the dream for every groove. With so much enthusiasm and glitter around, you must be perfectly aware of welcoming your guest to set up such an extravaganza. Yes, if you thought a wedding is all about you, then you’re terribly mistaken. But, the real fact is, it is also like a teeny tiny bit about the guest who attends, right?

Whether it is a destination wedding or a city one, it needs your guest to love it, to enjoy it and to remember it for years to come. A good beginning is important because a good one will get you to the end without a hassle. So, how does one impress the guests at your wedding at the word go and with a creative welcome? Don’t get fret up, we got you kickass ideas to bring memories of your big day forever.

Décor Attractive Welcome board

The moment your guests enter, they know what they have to do. There are numerous options, there are things to do and they really set the mood. So, the most exuberant way you can show your guests is to create a beautiful space for them with a pretty elaborate centerpiece. Welcome them with a flower bouquet, fireworks, candle-lit pathway or even a small table decked out to welcome them.

A good sign to know if you’ve impressed the guests? The moment when they’re taking selfies and pictures at the welcome board. That’s why you should create a welcome board with the creative graphics, floral décor items or an innovative signage, but make it impressive and personal.

Greet Your Guest with Paper Bags

As a way of showing your gratitude, create a customized tote bag with a symbol that represents the theme of the wedding. Inside, include a personal note to each guest about why you’re thankful for them and include a few of their favorite items. To provide the best-suited custom paper bags for your guests, buy it from the leading paper box manufacturers also if you need to buy the quality packaging material from the pioneer in the packaging supply company.

Wedding ushers

Get a few friends and your favorite cousins to dress up according to your theme and welcome guests personally on your behalf. You can even dress them up as movie characters and make them say a few dialogues. When it comes to ushers, it even pays if they come up with a routine of their own to impress the guests.

Bring out Wedding Musician

Let your guests be greeted by a musician with a playlist that can make any Rockstar envious. Get a few musicians, or a band to belt out a few awesome songs as they enter, it will impress them like no other!

Give them Gorgeous Drinks

Welcome drinks are your guests’ first experience at your reception. Will you wow them? Or leave them feeling flat with only a glass of warm fizz for the company? Make sure you get your celebration off on the right foot by choosing reception drink with bags of style and flavor. It doesn’t have to be expensive and it doesn’t even have to be an alcoholic but it should taste great and start your party with a bang.

That’s it, a good flash mob thing is all you need to make your guests feel at home. So, follow all those ideas and pump up their mood and show off a newer side of the wedding to the guests.

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