Welcome 2018- Overview Of New Year Celebration At Different Countries


Welcome 2018

1st day of January is one of the happiest and national holidays to bring happiness and a new start to our life. Most of the people in the world are celebrating and welcome the New Year with fireworks, cakes, chocolates and sparklers crackers. Crackers are used to produce coloured flames such as blue, green, orange, red and silver with a large amount of noise. Crackers are commonly used for festivals celebrations like Halloween, Diwali, Pongal, New Year, Christmas and New Year Eve. You can buy fireworks or crackers from online retailer shops or firework shops. Most of the online retail shops offer online crackers gift box to the customers at reasonable price. New Year is celebrating all kinds of religious people in all countries.

Most of the countries, New year is celebrated at 31st December night by gathering with your friends and families and many of the people are dancing, eating, watching movies, lighting crackers and drink alcoholic beverages with their friends. People can share the images, quotes, wishes and happy memories of 2017 to their friends and families and celebrating the new year 2018 for going to the temple, cutting the cake, riding in a bike, meeting with friends at 12’o clock and wearing a new dress. The final countdown in the public place at 31 December and entering on 2018 is one of the best and most exciting moments for bringing the new years to our life. On arriving the clock at 12 AM, the crowds lauding and expressing their happiness with “Happy New Year” wishes with crackers.

New Year Celebration at different countries

People can buy crackers online shopping from online retailers shops with various discount coupons and different offers at affordable costs. In India, People are celebrating new year celebration with great enthusiastic by dancing with friends, riding on the road with car, two-wheelers, gathered with friends and families on the beach, drinking alcohols, going to the temple, wearing a new dress and watching new movies in the theatre. New Year in Afghanistan, Nowruz people celebrating the first day of spring is the New Year and celebrates it for more than two week time. Albania people are celebrating New Year on the New Year eve in their own way by cracking crackers.

In Albania, they are celebrating English New Year as well as the traditional New Year. New Year in Andorra, the people are rejoicing the New Year with dancing, drinking alcohol, singing and merrymaking. They are celebrating the New Year is the biggest parties of the year with their friends and families. Argentina is the second largest country in South America and they are celebrating with eating foods and drinking strong drinks. Armenia New Year is one of the huge feasts, cheerfulness, high spirits and they have a good time the sweet spring season. New Year in Australia, Australian people are enjoying New Year with a huge amount of enthusiasm and celebrates the soaring spirits and exhilaration. New Year in Belarus is celebrated with huge warmth, enjoyment and pleasure.

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