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The PMI (Professional Project Management) Certification is the most important certification in the industry and the most recognized for project managers. It is recognized and demanded all over the world, and it shows that you have the experience, the education and the competence to lead and direct projects successfully.

This recognition is seen in how it is increasingly priced in the market and in a better salary; According to the PMI Salary Survey – Seventh Edition, the PMP certification Chennai can increase your salary by up to 10% more than your colleagues or colleagues who do not hold a certification.

Who should request the PMP?

The PMP recognizes that you have demonstrated the necessary competence to lead and direct project teams. If you are a knowledgeable and skilled project manager who is searching for some certification to get better your skills, distinguish yourself from the crowd, or exploit your potential income, Professional Project Management certification is the right choice for you.

What are the requirements for the PMP?

To request the PMP exam you need to have:

  • A 4-year degree and at least 3 years of experience in the project management field, with more than 4,500 hours of experience of leading and directing projects and 35 hours of education in project management.
  • A high school diploma (high school or its equivalent worldwide) with at least five years of experience in project management, with 7,500 hours leading and directing projects and 35 hours of education in project management.

If you do not meet these requirements in order to obtain the PMP, consider certification of the Certified Project Management Technician.

Once the PMI authorization is available to take the exam, one year is available as of that date. It is possible to take the exam up to three times, always within a period of 1 year after the authorization. In case of not approving in the 3 attempts, it will be necessary to wait 1 year from the date of said attempt to request authorization to PMI to be examined again. In that case, the fee will be the initial request.

If you already have experience as a project manager:

In this second case, for those professionals with experience (+3 years) managing projects, what is advisable is to obtain a certification that attests to this experience in some way, in addition to the knowledge acquired along the professional trajectory.

In this case, the certification with the highest demand at the labor level and with the most recognition and international prestige is the PMP – Project Management Professional.

To obtain this certification a series of requirements must be met (minimum 3 years of experience) and 35 hours of project management training, and passing a test of 200 questions in 4 hours.

ITIL certification: ITIL certification is one another exam which is done by the management students to get increase his or her skill in the management skill. After this certification, there will considerably increase in the salary.

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