Small-Budgeted Wedding? Here are a Few Ways to Use Sparklers to add Pizzazz and Glam-up Your Wedding!



Weddings are the most joyous occasion of ours and are seen to be one of the most special days that any couple can experience together, there is no surprise that every couple would want their wedding to be the most spectacular day of their lifetime. However, planning your wedding with a small budget can be stressful and unsatisfactory. Compromising on a lot of glam components to your theme might get disappointing. If your theme is focused on shimmery lights, glamourous backdrops, and bright lights, one theme to consider for your wedding is the sparkler theme, adding a simple touch of sparklers to your theme can achieve all these looks.

This particular theme would also conveniently suit with another theme or concept as the use of sparklers can simply be added to make the ceremony and reception more cheerful and colorful. The guests would undoubtedly enjoy this addition to your celebration, especially children. However, it must be noted that children must always be closely supervised when using these sparklers. It can be used in a wide range of celebrations and even a first time user would feel confident and safe around it.

Sparklers in general, make a wonderful accessory, especially at weddings and get-togethers. Sparklers, these days, are not all exclusive only for the time of Diwali, they are finding their way into more and more common types of celebrations. With their scintillating show of bright gold sparks, the humble sparkler now can be seen, used to spice up the festivities at parties and weddings worldwide.

As opposed to other firecrackers, sparklers can be less hazardous and therefore can be used both indoors and outdoors. Gold sparklers, in general, develop minimal smoke and odor, and hence are perfect for indoor use.

For outdoor use, some weddings have the trend of bringing in guests or the married couple, through a well-lit passageway or a sparkling archway. These trends provide elegant photography concepts to the wedding and here colored or electric sparklers can be used as they are comparatively smokier and therefore must be used in larger or well-ventilated areas to avoid suffocation.

The ideal sparkler size for a wedding would be either a 14” or a 20” long, this is to give enough time for all the guests to light their sparkler and have them burning simultaneously, in large groups. They can also be used on cakes, as an alternative to candles. A few 8″ or 10″ sparklers on a cake, those that burn several minutes, would be of the right size, can be placed onto the ground to make a sparkling light-show effect during the event.

Sparklers are usually of the color grey, but can be spruced up by lightly spray-painting it, as per the color desired, or to match the color scheme aimed for the venue. It is however, very important to choose a good quality spray paint, that is not highly flammable and also remember to use a light-even coating.

Take the excitement and thrill up a notch! Add sparklers to your wedding theme! There’s fun for kids, adults and also provides for great photoshoot concepts too. Safety must always be kept in mind when it comes to using indoor sparklers, even more than the outdoor ones.

You must also know that it is legal to purchase wedding sparklers online, but will be shipped only through ground. It is the easiest and also cost efficient way to purchase sparklers wholesale, even if your event is nowhere near the time of Diwali. You can find our wide range of sparklers and other firework supplies at asoksparklers.

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