Sleeping Posture – Amazing tips for healthy sleeping


Do you remember the position of your body during your last night sleep? There is a reason why I bring this question to you, the position of our body reflects our health in many ways. While others provide many pros and cons sleeping six/eight hours a day, let’s look into the sleep position of the body for a better health.

Resting certain hours for a day is not only required for better health also what matters is having your body in the right position. Researchers advised several sleeping positions for a better health and body, you will get to know as you read along in this post.

Coming back to my question, it is difficult to record our last night posture for obvious reasons. But you certainly know the posture you were on by checking with your roommates or mum or someone who you live along. During a peaceful sleep, we tend to hold one particular posture for a long amount of time.

That one long posture has to be the right posture preventing yourself having any kind of pain. So sleeping on a wrong posture even unknowingly would bring you aches, pains to your head, neck, body, arms and even sleepless nights for the next couple of days. In order to avoid those rough days, just follow the right sleep positions and have a safe soothing sleep with your family.

Back Position:

The back position is good for preventing neck and back pain and helps to maintain perky breasts. In this position your eyes will face the roof, your hands and legs will have enough space to wander here and there. Since your body is completely rested and straight up facing upwards, it is in a neutral position.

Being in a neutral position helps you to avoid having head, neck and spine aches. Also, your head is elevated and no acid or food can come back up from the food pipe(esophagus). If you are women then you should prefer this posture as it helps to have perky breasts and prevent wrinkles since nothing is pushing against your face or skin.

side position

Side Position:

The next better position experts suggest is to sleep in the side position. This position also prevents you from body pains and reduces acid reflux. The advantage of this position is that it is advisable during pregnancy and sleeping on the left side position ensures better blood flow.

The drawback of this posture is that it affects the skin and breasts. Since one side of your face is placed towards the pillow or bed sheet, your skin and breasts are affected. Overall the side-sleeping position is also advisable for a neat health.

side 2

Fetal Position:

The fetal position is sleeping similar to that of a fetus in the womb or a new born baby with no room between the body, hands and legs. This position has to be avoided in general times but expert’s study says that it is good during pregnancy. In the fetal position having your knees pulled up high and chin being tucked to the chest might be felt after sleep as well. So consider being in this posture during regular times as it does not prevent from neck and pack pain.

Above all these sleep positions, one must also ensure having the perfect bed sheets and pillows in your bedroom. A neat pillow helps to keep your head and neck supported without your neck being popped up too much. Consider having space above your shoulder filled by proper spongy pillow rather than a hard one. Let us know your favorite sleep positions and how it helps you in ensuring a better health.

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