Self-care begins when you know yourself best

writing diaries helps you to communicate with yourself in a deeper sense.


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Studies over the years have shown that the practice of writing in a diary on a daily basis, reduces activity in the part of our brain that controls the intensity of emotions. The phrase “Pen down your thoughts” almost seems unnatural in today’s technology driven world. Diary writing has become the thing of the past, the modern age is more engulfed in their digital luxuries. People of this era are constantly capturing moments in the form of photographs or text messages or sharing events on social media, after a long day of such high levels of recording every aspect of your day, writing a diary might seem like a herculean task. It can easily be said that only a handful of people, “Old-fashioned” as you can term it in today’s slang, still hold on to the habit of journaling or diary writing.

How does self-care associate with diary writing you ask? Well, the answer to that will come to you when you ask yourself this question,“How much do you really know about yourself?”

Cherish that part of yourself, you don’t need to show anyone else. While the internet has never stopped to give us endless opportunities to express ourselves, it also presents as a stage that explores your deepest and truest self that give light to your personal beliefs and make you feel vulnerable. This gives rise to the fear of permanence of the things we share online.

However, in the case of diaries, the possibility of sharing the embarrassing and ugly things of life, gives a sense of relief while allowing yourself to identify your flaws and work on them. In this place, you realize anything can be possible, you can be whoever you want to be, you can experiment new ideas without having the fear of being judged from anyone except ourselves.

As astonishing as it sounds, the simple act of describing ones feelings to oneself helps them to clear their minds and has proven to make them less anxious. There have been studies that indicate that writing can improve sleep, overall immune function, and general physical health.

In order to make the best of the diary writing habit, you must ensure to focus on the following:

-Stick to a Routine

A self-care ritual is fully effective when you establish a routine and stick to it, so that eventually it becomes habitual. Devote a specific time of the day to write your diary, at a place that is easily accessible, there is no wrong way to do this. Plan it in whatever way, works for you, once you commit to that task, you are providing yourself a better chance to understand yourself. Ultimately, the only requirement is to just do it. It is no surprise that diary writing is prescribed for mental health improvement.

-Highlight the feelings

Diary writing is beneficial to stress relief, by this we are talking about something called “Expressive writing”. When you write down the positive or negative experiences in your life, rather than creative stories, you express the feelings that you’ve been through while going through that particular experience, even more so, it helps you to understand what you were going through, if you didn’t really pay attention to it. Expressive writing is aimed at trying to understand and come to terms with difficult events. Try to focus your diary to cover the events of your own life and explore your feelings around those events.

Quick tip: Personalized diaries motivate you to write every day.

With all the hustle and bustle in this fast paced life we all have today, it is important that you take time and turn away from your daily tasks at least for about 30 minutes a day and focus on your own mind. Even if you have the most boring days, and nothing truly interesting happens, give your mind the break it deserves, to rejuvenate and improve. To make things more interesting, check out the wide range of 2021 diaries by Matrikas that are personalized to your liking.

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