Rashes Tips – Ways to Take Care of Your Rashes during Pregnancy


RashesPregnancy is a blessing and it tends to bring about various kinds of change in the body of a woman. The changes occur in the body, hair, skin, nail during pregnancy. Skin is the most important part of our body and if pregnant woman takes care of her skin during pregnancy then it can have great impact on her complete health. Most of the time pregnant women experience changes in their skin. It happens two times, one when they are pregnant and two when they have given birth. This happens mainly due to many reasons such as – irritation in the skin and stomach area, folded skin which is rubbing together, sweat etc. This all is caused by normal skin germs, which is very naturally and there is no need to worry about it.

What the Doctors have to Say about Rashes –

Many doctors of the best fertility hospital in chennai say that this all happens in skin because the skin stretches during pregnancy. This mainly happens because the skin is stretching to make a way for the child to come into this world. And during the period of such expansion what is most needed is to care, comfort and sooth the skin.  Itchy pregnancy rashes are caused due to sweat apart from stretching of the skin. The rashes appear in the belly, bottom of the belly, under the mammary gland, arm pits and also the inner thighs. Some times the rashes are also caused due to stress and lack of hydration.

Tips: How to Rejuvenate Skin during Pregnancy-

Here are some of the tips as to how to refresh your skin during pregnancy. During pregnancy the skin tends to die and become dry, at that point of time we need to use certain products that make it refreshing again. Some of the tips are as follows –

  • In order to soothe your skin and heal it the first thing that you can do is take a curd bath. You can apply the curd all over your body or the area of rashes and leave it for 1 hour and wash off. This will heal your skin.
  • The next thing you can do is apply clarified butter (ghee) in your naval and leave it overnight. This will also help in healing your dry skin. Plus, you can apply it all over your body and massage and wash off after 1 hour. These products are very healthy and good for skin. It thickens the skin layer and moisturizes the area where cracks are appearing or chances of rashes to come.

Using Herbs Can Help in Rashes –

  • To soothe the skin use moisturizer with herbs in it.
  • Doctors of fertility specialist in chennai recommend the use of anti-rash creams, which comes with yashada bhasma in case of rash breakouts. Cream with Aloe Vera is also good.
  • The best and the safest home remedy is to drink plenty of water and fluids to keep your skin hydrated.

For Itching Relief –

Taking antihistamines can help a lot if you have itchiness. It helps a lot in case of herpes, gestation, and others. Another best thing which you can do is use lather pine tar soap. This soap helps a lot in relieving from itchiness.

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