Proven Health Benefits of Cashew during Pregnancy


Cashew nut is a tasty and most favourite food ingredient for most of the people. It has a rich taste and it is loaded with a lot of nutrients and this is the reason why people add cashew nuts in their food. Apart from adding cashew nut as an ingredient in the food preparation, a lot of people use this nut as their snack. Taking cashew nut in the raw form is a common snack among most of the people today. This is also suitable for pregnant women. The question is cashew nut is good for pregnant women?

Yes, as it contains a lot of nutrients it is good for the health of pregnant women. Similarly, it is also good for the health of the baby. Among various nuts, the cashew nut is a rich crop which is taken by all sorts of people. Consuming these highly nutritious nuts during pregnancy will give you a lot of benefits. The one thing is, before going to take cashew you need to ensure that it is good for you and your baby or not. The best advice is to consult with a paediatrician about this and ask suggestion. If the doctor suggests you to take cashews then take it in the suggested amount.

The reason for this is, the health condition may vary from person to person. Therefore, one should take any food according to their health. Therefore, it is better to consult the doctor before taking cashew nuts while pregnancy. Apart from this, there are several nutritional benefits are associated with eating cashew nuts during the pregnancy time. It is considered as a natural form of the vitamin for the pregnant women.

Benefits of taking cashew nuts

Rich in protein

An ounce of this nut is rich in protein. It contains about 4.3 grams of protein which is good for the health. In addition to this, it also contains carbohydrate and healthy fat in a considerable amount

Loaded with vitamins

The main benefit of taking cashew nuts during pregnancy is, it contains all the essential nutrients needed for the baby to develop during pregnancy. The baby will get the required nutrition for its growth through this


This special nut is highly anti-bacterial in nature. Thus the baby gains the required immunity that helps the baby to fight against any infection

Low in fat

There is a myth that cashew contains more amount of fat, but the truth is, the cashew nuts are rich in good fat and it contains a low amount of bad fat. It provides the needed fat content to the baby like the squalene, the tocopherols and phytosterols.

Contains high fibre

Cashews are rich in healthy fibre. The rich fibre content in these nuts helps the mother to manage and get rid of constipation and diarrhoea that cause during the pregnancy time.

Other benefits

Apart from these health benefits, a mother can also get other health benefits by taking cashews during pregnancy. Say, for example, these nuts have a high energy content which is needed for the woman to keep going during the difficult time of pregnancy.

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