Pick your best choice of crispy evening snacks – Homemade recipes


EGG Bonda

No one will hate craving snacks and especially kids will love tasting snacks. One side, people are telling that crispy snacks will put up the body weight and on the other side, people are finding the evening snacks that taste good and delicious. You could find people that do not hate eating no matter what. Especially, at evening times, people would like to eat something along with their coffee or tea. You would have addressed people that crave butter biscuits or cashew biscuits or wheat biscuits along with their coffee or tea. Some other people will prefer to have Pakodas.

No matter, what kind of snacks you want to have, but the homemade snacks should be reckoned. The homemade recipes are good and healthy. You do not know how the shops prepare the snacks and whether or not it remains healthy and oil-free. At the same time, if you prepare the snacks in your home, you do not have to worry about the taste, crisp factor, healthiness and tang of the snacks as it was prepared by you. When you yourself prepare the snacks, you know what should be added, what kind of snacks your kids love and whether or not a decoration on the snacks is important. You can buy starch from the starch manufacturers.

All You Need to Know About Evening Snack Recipes

Now, we are going to discuss the crispy and at the same time healthy evening snacks.

  • Oat Meal Raisin Cookies – These cookies are prepared from raisin and oats. This snack remains healthy and anyone can take this cookie.
  • Egg Bonda – Egg will provide you more energy. The egg bonda will be prepared by mixing the boiled egg with Baji mix and deep fried into the oil.
  • Dates Milkshake – If you want to provide the energy drink to your beloved kids, then you can prepare the milkshake with dates mixed.
  • Roasted Moong Dal – You just have to roast the moong dal and crave that right after. The roasted moong dal is healthy and at the same time, it can stay for a week time so you can prepare more.
  • Oats Sesame Laddoo – You can prepare this laddoo with oats, sesame, and almonds. This remains healthy and delicious snacks for your evening.
  • Banana Paniyaram – This is a soft and spongy snack, which you can have before or after tea too.
  • Potato Finger Chips – We all might have heard about this snack – right? Cutting the potatoes in shape matters a lot in this snack. If you cut the potatoes in good shape, then making the snack does not matter.
  • Kara Sev – If you want to have a crunchy yet tasty evening snack, then you should have kara sev. You can buy a ready-made mix for kara sev available in stores and mix the flour with water and make the kara sev in minutes. You can store this two week time.

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