Packaging Innovations-New Packaging Promotional ideas


When you talk about Business it mainly about presentation, whether it is a hard product / soft product, a presentation is the key for all. Even a small kid is excited to see the gift wrapped in different ways like box pack, chocolate pack, teddy pack, etc. Packaging is a final message that we give to the customers. Every customer is important and every customer sees the package before buying the product, Packaging is the success of our future. Before we decide on the package through different opinions, experts some of the factors to be kept in mind is:

How the customer is looking at it:  Need for the product and how well it is advertised.

What kind of crowd is buying it: Always keep in mind whether its kids/youngsters / old people who are buying it, based on which the further designs can be easily made.

Who and when are they buying: Some products are bought at nights where the product needs a golden shiny / any colour shiny look for it to be attracted in lights, some are bought in a daytime for sunlight feel and look of the product, also some are bought in shops/ malls/stores / medical, etc

Is this seasonal or no: Some stuff like juices could be sold in a particular season and that package could be minimal as many would buy it.

Reusable Packaging: Try to have reusable packing with our country going gaga about “Reuse”

Extra Effort:  Extra I mean the font style color of fonts, etc can make the pack look different

Good designing is a MUST based on the crowd who is buying

Attractive Fun packing: Fun specially for kids if it is a theme based of their cartoons characters, none the less even the elders like to have fun and look into if there is something fun kind of packing in shape, logo, stickers, style of writing, etc

Color choosing has to be unique: Based on the crowd and time people buy some of the bright colors really pop up in the stalls and makes the customer look into.

Make it Commendable: Every product will be looked up by the regular visitors to a supermarket, Sometimes the bright ones / odd ones can make a customer look back and comment and tends to buy.

Picture Itself: By adding the picture of the product gives an insight on how it looks and makes them feel to buy

Keeping these points in mind one can approach the new techniques available of PET and MET which has oxygen barrier, heat resistant, shiny look, good effects as per the need and looks good. Met pet printing comes in different thickness, width, quality and can be used for any of the product which we are packing.

Met/pet printing and packing are thin films which have extra protection of UV rays, UV coating is used for extra shelf life and has many other benefits like it has shiny look / high clarity of printing chemical resistance / 3D embossing can be done without spoiling any food / even when stuffed there is no scratches on the sheet that is used.

In overall, it is customer need using digital technologies without any change in the PRODUCT and gives a better way to life!!

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