Organize your best memories of 2021 in these varieties of diaries – Special Year Collections


When you’re younger, everything is new and most of us have the habit of writing down every incident in a diary. From the first school crush to our so-called future goals! But as we get older and older, our lives are filled with both good and bitter memories that shaped who we are now—memories that mean even more than our first haircut or first cycle. Yet we do less and less documenting. Why not collect our adult memories in a beautiful diary or a memory book? Open the simple family album or vacation photo book. It might be the most valuable and memorable gift you ever make, whether it’s for yourself or for your loved ones.

Looking through a Memory Book

Important People in Your Life

A meaningful diary tells the story of you and the best people of your life. Make a list of your loved ones to include and gather up the memories that capture your special bond. You can divide your diary into sections dedicated to each friend or family member of yours, group your photos by season or special events, or make each page a collage of moments. Don’t forget to add fun quotes and captions which give more beauty to the pictures.

Happiness Book

Seeing things you love the most and your favorite things to do is an instant mood and energy booster. Whenever you feel lonely, discouraged, or uninspired, you can leaf through the diary for a fresh place to start. This one doesn’t even have to be your own photography but anything that makes you happy to see it. For instance, it can be a positive quote or a family picture.

Quotes and Inspiration

We get inspiration on how to live from so many people. Write down all your favorite quotes that motivate you when you are feeling low.


Speaking of getting your photos off your phone, why not make an annual diary? Arrange those special moments in print so they aren’t forever buried in your social media feed. You can take your photos right from your phone and Instagram account, and within minutes, you will have a print version of your year. Don’t leave your memories to constantly-changing technology. You would have taken those photos for a special reason; put them in your diary so they’ll stand the test of time.

The Whole Journey

Is there something you’ve done that took you the whole year to accomplish? A goal you finally reached? Maybe you have become fit from being obese, and you have your gym selfies to show your progress. Maybe you finished a book that you wanted to read for a longer time. If you haven’t started your journey yet, bearing in mind the possibility of maintaining a diary will encourage you to document along the way!

 A lot would have happened in a year and it is not easy to remember each and every incident. They flood back in an instant, triggered by a certain scent, or song, or time of the year. Maybe there are a few bitter memories we don’t want to see again, but others, when they are brought back to mind, mean we get to experience that love and joy all over again. Rather than wait for the lovely weather or a particular combination of aromas, put the best ones in pages so you can take them off the shelf whenever you’d like. Make that inner library a real one you can have and hold with a personal diary.

There are varieties of diaries such as corporate diaries, personalized diaries, and so on. All you need to do is get a diary for yourself to lock all the beautiful memories that you want to cherish for a lifetime.

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