Offset Printing Trends for 2019 – Competitive Strategies


Today, many of the printing service professionals are bewildering whether the offset printing has a future in the industry. While digital printing services like poster printing, brochure printing continues to grow in line, offset printing still offers the highest quality and top economy for many clients. Yes, the offset printing technology has been the standard in the printing world and it is a perfect solution for the customer who is looking for high volume printings, cost-effective methods, flexibility and most important thing is top-quality.

Overall, still, the offset printing technology is in alive with some collaborations and new innovations.  Thus, the offset printing industry is such an evolving industry, so it’s necessarily easy to forecast what’s in store for offset printing. Let’s look at the offset printing trends for 2019.

Hybrid Presses

The new generation of print hardware and print management software are drastically altering the face of the printing industry. Some businesses have responded by migrating over to the digital printing wholesale, while others are reluctant to give up the advantages of the analog printing. So, to meet over this need, the hybrid printing press is introduced in this year to merge the capabilities of analog and digital printing technology.

From this synthesis, a business can get the high print quality and low cost of flexo printing with the flexibility and fast turnaround time of digital. Some of its advanced features include,

  • Mono and four-color options
  • Advanced User Interface with touch screen operation
  • An inbuilt UV drying system
  • Uni-colored rotary flexo head to allow pre-coating
  • Printing and over varnish facilities

Push-to-Stop Printing

Push to Stop or Autonomous navigated printing is a thrilling idea that automates the print process in a cutting-edge new way. By recognizing the risk posed by digital printing, the push to stop technology eradicates the printers inefficiencies in a remarkable way.

By this way, this printer provides quick speed, reduce touch points, imaging up to 1200 plates per productions without any interruption; up to 3000 sensors are monitoring your press activity constantly for 24/7 hours. Overall, this new technology will boost your overall equipment effectiveness so that human workers can focus on other profitable tasks.

Personalized Services

Offset printers can key into the trend of personalized service by educating their clients on the value offset printing brings to a brand. Colors finishes and material are all opportunities for branding to be realized in an end product. While it’s true that in many instances, personalization may be sought for smaller runs, it’s also advantageous to realize the custom benefits of offset printing.

“Staying competitive in 2019 will require a dynamic combination of speed, quality, and vibrancy”. So, in addition to informing your clients of the innumerable abilities for offset printing to be customized, a sign company can also personalize their customer service. A willingness to work with fast-paced deadlines, to offer digital proofs and samples, and to be respectful of the client’s budget are all effective ways to personalize the service you offer customers.

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