Making of Paper – Use of Starch in Paper Industry


Paper is used for most of the works. Paper occupies an important position in the life of people. It takes part in the people’s lives in any form in their day to day operations. Starting from the personal use of business use paper is used in many applications. This makes paper industries to manufacture paper in large amount. But, how paper is made? What are the substances used for making paper?

Starch in papermaking

Starch is an important component that is used in the paper industry for the manufacture of papers. The paper manufacturers buy starch from the starch manufacturers in India and use this starch in the paper production. This substance is very much important for both the coating and sizing of the paper. Since more than 6000 years, the history of starch in the making of paper is a notable one. Starting from the wet end to the size press, starch is used in papermaking. In the coating of papers, starch plays a vital role. Using starch for paper production is a traditional practice. The main reason for using starch in papermaking is, it reduces the total cost of making considerably.

Million tons of starch is used for making papers. Some big paper manufacturing industries require large and bulk quantities of starch for paper production. This is the reason why paper industries use starch in large amount. This is also a reason for the demand of starch in the paper industry. For using starch for the paper manufacturer, it has to be cooked properly and completely hydrated. Different starch is used in the paper making like potato starch and tapioca starch. The using of starch at the wet end of the paper machine improves its strength.

It contributes to the making of paper by providing functional properties and serving as a process aid. Conventionally, it has been used to give support like dry strength and surface improvement to the paper. However, in alkaline papermaking, starch is a significant part of wet-end sizing. Starch is nothing but an integral part of the microparticle retention systems. Surface starch is also used in the paper industry as it serves as a good binder, water holding agent, and carrier for surface sizing chemicals and other functional additives. In addition to this, paper industries find a number of applications from starch.

The products that are made from starch are utilized in a number of ways in the paper industry. For example, the starch and starch-derivatives are used in the paper pulp, for treating the surface of the paper, as binder and co-binder in coating colors, for paper coating and as retention agent and as an emulsifier in sizing agents. Modified starches are also used as it offers better value than its counterparts, providing more consistent starch quality. From the earlier periods, the contribution of starch to the paper industry and paper making is an inevitable one. Even though innovative components are found still most of the paper making industries use starch for paper making. That’s why starch is used in paper making.

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