Is Bigdata a good career move for freshers?


An expanding field that contains keep changing technology is IT. In this field, the data keeps mounting and according to this need the need and use of technology also changes. In order to handle large amount of data, an organization must need the efficient technology. In recent days, most of the organizations handle large amount of data and in order to manage that data in an efficient way the organization requires effective data management technology.

One such efficient technology is Big data. This technology is perfect for big data and it is the best one to manage the more and more complex to store and manage the data.

What is Big Data?

Big data is used in combination with Hadoop today. In order to maintain big data, Hadoop is very much important. This is because this open source tool can efficiently manage huge amount of data and helps in data analyze. Hence, the knowledge that is gained is applied to make intellectual and calculate decisions for the business.

Hadoop presents an easy and convenient way to manage disparate data and make sense of it so that managers can gain useful insights for better productivity & business growth. The best way to garner huge benefits from this technology is to get a Big data Certification and maximize the benefits of big data in your organization.

In order to acquire the best job in Big Data, one has to be well versed in technology like Hadoop. As Big data is highly related to Hadoop it is must to have a certification in this language or technology. If you are a fresher and if you need to get best career opportunity in Big Data, you need training on Big data and hadoop from a reputed and authorized training center. A lot of training centers in Chennai provide big data certification in Chennai.

If a person who is a fresher takes training on big data he or she can get job opportunity as Big Data administrator, Developer for applications that make use of big data, Hadoop Architect or Big Data analyst. It merely depends on the certification taken by the individual and his/her skill set in their respective field. In most of the cases, big data and hadoop training are provided in combination. Following are the scope of jobs for freshers in big data

Big data administrators are system administrators who should have knowledge of database management, Java and Linux in order to learn in-depth about MapReduce which is an innovative programming algorithm for data processing. Hadoop developers should have knowledge about SQL and Core Java to get started in creating Big Data solutions.

The reason for this much of importance for the big data certification and Hadoop training is because, these two factors are utilized in a lot of industries and applications today. Some of the industries that utilize big data are

  • Retail industry
  • Banking and Finance
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Healthcare
  • Sports

Thus, it is obvious that if a person who is a fresher take training on big data he or she will definitely get good career opportunity.

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