Improve your eyesight – Healthy foods to protect your vision


The eye is an import organ in our body which reacts to light and pressure. Along the sense we human have, vision is considered to be one of mankind’s most valued senses. As centuries goes by the current living human are not feeling as healthy as our ancestors were just a couple of decades ago.

Recent talks have been that conjunctivitis cases on rise in Chennai. In order to get back to healthier ways, we have to consume healthier foods and engage in physical exercises. Follow along and get to know the vital foods and tips you can consume to protect your vision and improve the eyesight.


Your eyes are much like any other requires your attention for the benefit of your vision and eyesight. By consuming regular day to day vegetables on a consistent basis is enough to feed your eyes. Eat foods rich Vitamin A, Vitamin C, lutein and beta carotene as they more important assist in repairing the eyes.

Consume cod liver oil, sweet potatoes, butter, papaya, blueberries, apricot and grapes as they provide your eyes the necessary vitamins. Maize, commonly referred as Corn is a great source of lutein. India is major player in the maize exporters around the world; we export to Nepal, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Philippines.


Trick my eyes, really? Yes, many of you might have this question to why to trick the eyes. If closely watched, you will notice that your eyes can notice any tiny movements that happen around you. Also eyes notice things which are distracting and can be aligned to ignore the movement. Remember the last time you had a friendly fight with your wife and you are trying to ignore her waving her hands towards you.

So how to tricks our eyes and improve our eyesight? In this modern lifestyle every one of us are accompanied by a smartphone and a computer irrespective of our career background. So the next time when you are using your smartphone try to place the smartphone 3 feet away and watch that favorite movie and feel the difference. Do not try this at public as someone might get away with your smartphone in a flash.


Yes, much like the regular exercise we engage our body into physical exercises should also be comprised of specific organ exercises. Few of them you should be doing are to exercise your eyes, ears and sensing things in a totally different perspective. First the exercise to eyes can be done by placing you stand still and just move the object in front of you near and far as it helps your eyes muscle to shrink and enlarge to improvise the eyesight.

For ears you can do the same thing by replacing the object with sounds played at various distances. Finally in order to improvise the basic sense/feeling you can close your eyes with a handkerchief and try to walk yourself alone into your home without any other person’s assistance. This helps to realize how far we are relying on our eyes to do our daily tasks.

Above three specific tips are pretty enough to improve your eyesight and its vision to a new level. Rather than getting caught up into the long list of food items to improve your eyesight, concentrate on the minimal items listed above.

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