How to Successfully Expand Your Manufacturing Business Globally using Digital Machines



As the new era of Digital technology advances, all the businesses move towards the progress which gains them a competitive advantage, entrepreneurs are combining traditional old  school solutions with advanced technologies and automation. There is digitalization now in manufacturing. As many companies are asking for more technologies that are connected.

Manufacturing is changing how its products are designed, fabricated serviced and used as it results in the transformation of processes, operations and management of supply chains. The main focus of operations management will always be productivity and quality.

How to become a Digitizing Manufacturing Company?

  • Digitizing machinery means adding automation to a lot of processes. Formerly where technical knowledge was used it is now being replaced softwares in the machines.
  • Identify where you want to set the digitizing and automation processes.
  • Identify your team, a well knowledged IT team along with the members who have an experience in the digital technology with machines.
  • Lastly understand which process requires automation and streamline it.

Why Businesses Are Moving Towards Digitization

  • Global Competition is Intensifying: As new players have started emerging in the market, the competition has `become cut throat. The machine manufacturers have no other options but to move towards digital machineries as competitive advantage.
  • The hardware is commoditized: Commoditization here means the hardware that means the machinery that was an important technical part is being replaced by softwares. The utility of the hardware is decreasing and the specialized knowledge is being substituted by digital technology softwares.

Some of The Digital Machinery technology are:

Artificial Intelligence: Advanced algorithms are now changing the way a manufacturing industry works ,the integrated IT systems collect data, even perform skilled labor and even consumer behavior is predicted. Machines determine the factors that affect quality and efficiency.

Sensors: A critical part of automation process, the human hands is replaced by the sensors which results in time saving and cost optimization. For example window patcher machine can also be automated using sensors and digital watches.

Robots: They have been used since quite a while to perform tedious tasks in the manufacturing industry .But now they are also used for memory and performing various human based tasks which makes them more useful in machine industry. For example many times autonomous dump trucks in mining are machine operated and perform tasks efficiently. Also the robots that come along with sensors provide valuable data and feedback.

3D printing technology: One of the greatest technologies is 3D printing, in which the computer makes a 3 dimensional object, and then the object is constructed by adding layers by layers.

Automation in technology leads the manufactures to increase their productivity levels, cost optimization, and improve the workplace safety and reduction in errors. One of the examples is automatic foil printing machine. When you automated machines there are less interruptions in the flow of production, quality checks become minimum. When you turn towards automation the workers can use their time and expertise on other high level tasks.

You can successfully expand your business globally by adopting all these techniques .Digitizing industry means there is a lower cost of production, turn arounds are speedy and the customer demands are made more efficiently.

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