Green Is the Colour of Health – Secrets Revealed


Green in Color Psychology: How Does Green Make You Feel?

Green – the Colour of Health

It is important to have a diverse and balanced diet and to make sure that your diet comprises of a wide array of fruits and vegetables. However, there are certain benefits to ‘colour coding’ your consumption on certain days. Green foods are known to be rich in antioxidants and chlorophyll. They act as a detoxifying agent for your entire system, and also help neutralize hormonal spikes in your body. Here are some reasons why ‘going green’ can be one of the healthiest decisions you can make to revitalize your health!


Immunity Boosters: Green foods are extremely rich in nutrients that can aid and preserve the immune system. They are often packed with minerals such as calcium, potassium, and vitamins such as B, C, and K. These are also nutrients that assist in fighting off viruses and bacterial infections.


Bring Down Bad Cholesterol: Green foods are also a great source of omega-3 fatty acids. Leafy greens such as spinach, when frequently incorporated into diets, not only enhance all bodily functions, but also help in lowering and managing cholesterol levels.

Better pH Balance:  Maintaining the body’s pH level is vital to ensure the healthy functioning of all organs – and going green can help you with that. Green vegetables increase alkaline content in your body, thereby maintaining a steady and healthy pH level.

Metabolism Enhancers: Incorporating green foods into your diet can steadily and significantly improve your metabolism – which means you can lose weight faster! Going green can help your body burn more calories, and ultimately aid your weight control or loss regime.

Here are some examples of healthy and accessible green foods and beverages you can add to your daily meals. Be sure to buy fresh, organic greens to get the maximum benefits in nutrition and taste.

Spinach:  One cup of this leafy superfood contains a truck load of minerals, fibre, protein, and vitamins! It helps with a variety of bodily functions such as building bone health and density, protecting the digestive tract, improving vision and skin, and strengthening your immune system.

Broccoli: By including broccoli in your meals and recipes, you end up adding substantial levels of vitamin C and K to your diet. These vitamins are vital in ensuring a healthy immune system and cell growth. Broccoli is also an excellent vegetable to consume for strengthening your bones.

Guavas: Guavas are the perfect super-green foods to throw into your dietary mix. Whether consumed raw or as a juice, these succulent fruits are loaded with fibre, vitamins A and C. They aid in reducing the risk of diabetes and assist in weight loss.

Cucumbers: High in water content, cucumbers are a necessary addition to everyone’s summer dietary intake. You can consume it raw, in a salad, as a smoothie, or even in a curry! This versatile vegetable is saturated with vitamin A, C, B12, and D. It’s also an excellent source of iron and calcium. Not only do they serve as hydrating foods, they also leave your skin feeling rejuvenated!

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