Fighting with the cold? Here is an essential Tips to Fell Better!



Cold weather doesn’t make you be in sick, but the winter season does indeed make you prone to catching a bad cold. In cold weather condition, people usually spend more time indoors where bacteria and viruses are more likely to wander in the air and on the surfaces you touch. Hence, the room temperature gets down, and your mucus membrane will get dry, irritated and more vulnerable to infection.

To be precise, cold and flu season rounding the corner, and now we have to deal with it, right? Don’t let that nasty cold to get the best of you take charge with the simple home remedies that clear up your stuffy nose and soothe your scratchy throat and find the healthier ways.

Ways To Feel Better During A Cold

Take Hot Bath

Getting into hot water with the Epsom salt, essentials oils and a glass of lemon water to heal your cold and flu. The hot water bath helps to increase your blood circulation and soothe achy tired muscles and also ease body aches associated with the cold and flu.

By the way, we strongly recommend you to add essential oils like peppermint or eucalyptus to cut through the sticky mucus in the lungs and sinuses. In addition to this, make sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and prevent overheating.

Apple Cider Vinegar

It is one of the excellent remedies to alleviate dry, itchy or sore throats. Further, it can even help to fight against digestive upset when diluted with a bit of water. Generally, Apple cider vinegar is loaded with more supplements like Vitamin C and a decent number of probiotics as well.

So, add one tsp of raw apple cider vinegar to a glass of water and drink it throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated and fight cold and flu.

Eat Broths & Soups

At the time of sick, especially with the flu, it’s essential to feed a cold and starve a fever with the nutrients. Homemade broths, soups and mineral-rich veggie stock help you to feel better by warming up. That’s the reason, our grandmother always preaches to give healthy soups while you were in cold and flu.

Accordingly, eating broths and soups male you feel better, soothe a sore throat, clear up stuffy lungs and sinuses and gives you a little bit of energy.


It is the kind of cold and flu remedies, which will cut a cold or flu’s duration by about 4 days and is effective against numerous different strains of flu virus. For this reason, try to have a stock of dried elderberries in your pantry and prepare elderberry syrups, teas, elixirs, teas and tinctures to boost immunity and get rid of illness faster.

 Fresh Ginger & Raw Garlic

Steep a tea made from the freshly peeled and sliced ginger root to fight against the cold, chills, lungs congestion, tummy upset and sore throat. How? Its warming nature stimulates blood circulation and opens the sinus pore to allow for the better expectoration when the lungs are bogged down by the mucus.

On this way, eating some raw garlic is an excellent way to open the lungs and sinuses; support your body during cold or flu; kills off invading germs and bacteria; ease a cough and load your immune system. In fact, many specialists in ortho hospital in Chennai recommending this healing magic to relieve all your joint pain too.

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