Fight for your dreams – Get out of your comfort zone


Chase your dreams – Success will follow: Everyone human being on this planet can afford to have a dream in life, but not all can afford to follow them. When you are a child, you find inspiration all around you, your youthfulness brings along the curiosity of what is and what is not. As you grow older, you tend to fit into this mold that the world around you wants you to fit into. There are restrictions, rules and generalizations that make you do less of what you want and more what you need. While this helps you to merely survive life, breaking those boundaries and living your dream gives you the satisfaction of having lived a happy and fulfilling life.

It is obviously easier to do what others do, to follow the herd. But when you step out of your comfort zone, make efforts to do what you actually desire, you are living a much fuller life. When you limit yourself, to the things you already know, you are missing out on a million other opportunities, experiences and personal growth. You have to be willing to accept your dream and take the first step to achieve it. We’ve come up with a list of things you can do, to come out of your comfort zone and push your limits to achieve big things, starting today:

  1. Research:

Look out for things that interest you. Talk to people who are experienced in different areas. Collect information and try considering others’ points of view, this will help you to be aware of your beliefs and get a different perspective.

  1. Try new things:

Start with small things that you can change in your daily routine, which might not have a big affect on how you do things. Such as reading a chapter of a novel every day, or meeting social groups with similar interests. An uncomfortable choice can teach you the most and make you grow the most, so that’s the one you should choose, if you do, bonus points to you.

  1. Develop spontaneous decision-making:

Say yes to things you’ve never tried before, even if you think you are not ready. This opens up many opportunities, when you think fast in your feet, whether you get positive or negative outputs, you can always know that you’ve made progress.

  1. Challenge yourself:

Set up goals, both long term and short term goals. Journal your goals and keep track of your progress, use personalized diaries to express the positive and negative aspects of the challenge you’ve made with yourself, allow yourself to learn from this.

Step into your world of dreams with a new mindset. Your mantra is: “Does this scare me? Then I have to do it.” The fear never goes away, you have to learn how to turn that fear into the drive and go from there. When you follow your dreams, your life becomes something worth sharing with others. A life that is filled with hope, courage and struggle can be inspirational to all those people who look up to you. We urge you to fight for your dreams, break out from your comfort zone. Don’t forget to journal your goals and the progress, with our personalized diaries 2021, every day.

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