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The packaging is neither more nor less than the wrapper or container whose ultimate purpose is to house objects to facilitate its transport and delivery.It is therefore an element of the customer’s purchase chain.

The packaging is the first impact of the customer with the product purchased and die cut sticker machine play important role in it.. Do not forget that until that moment the client has deposited total confidence in the brand. The whole process has been digital.

That is why it is important to take it into account. It is the first impact before you even see the product purchased.Because packaging in online marketing is important

Something we have advanced before, but we give you 4 powerful reasons why we take care of and work with this aspect of your marketing mix, many times forgotten.

We cannot forget that all the details are important.

  1. Protection: it is the outer packaging that protects the product or service. Depending on how your packaging is, you are transmitting to your client the value that we give to the product acquired as a brand.
  2. Security: the packaging is responsible for the sealing of the product window patcher machine with the help of.Therefore safeguard that no one takes what is not yours. And that the product arrives intact at the client’s house.
  3. Brand values: the packaging must transmit the values ​​of the brand as soon as it is seen.It is a point of contact more with the final customer. It is the first point of physical contact.
  4. Brand experience: just with the opening of the packaging the client begins to see his expectations fulfilled.The packaging helps fulfill the brand promise and creates the shopping experience.

A differentiating packaging in design, materials and functionalities will contribute to a positive satisfaction.

Types of packaging

Although it seems a trivial detail as responsible for online marketing we have to have thought about all the details.Do not forget that the customer has already placed his order. He has paid for it and is counting the minutes that we have given him as a brand.

In this sense we can count on different types of packaging:

– Cardboard boxes, single or double channel.

– Bubble wraps to protect objects and tell the customer that your order matters to us.

– Post boxes or padded envelopes

– Details on the closing of the packages: strapping, adhesive tape, buckles, strapping plates.

Do not forget that the shopping experience begins with the reception of the package.

Packaging examples

What better than finishing a post by putting practical examples that help contextualize the concept and everything already explained.

It adapts the packaging to the type of product, if you buy a book it will arrive in an envelope size A-4. But if you ask for a watch you will receive it in a bigger box with bubble paper so that everything arrives safe and sound.

It also always incorporates bubble paper to preserve all objects and includes its corporate image on the adhesive tape.



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