Evolution and Relevance Of Printing in this Modern Era


The Relevance of Printing in this Digital Age:

With the abundance of technology improvements in printing, one can easily question whether it is still relevant? Yes, it is, of course. There are still consumers who still don’t want to give up the pleasure of reading printed newspapers, books under a tree rather than occupied with gadgets all the time in their social life. It is more of an emotional link to the printed newspaper on a jogging morning in the park with their friends.

Discussing the news without the intervention of any gadgets for a while gives them a balance in life. People share or lend their printed books to friends and wanting others to get the feel they found pleasant which they want to share. On the other hand, the technology has progressed to a level the tech executives we can soon print a human organ with the help of the printing technology progress in the near future.

Different Printer Technology over the Days:

We have come across numerous different printing devices with distinguished qualities. The most common among them are Offset Printing, Laser Printing, Inkjet Printer, and Mobile Printer listed in a random order.

Offset printer which is nothing but the one which brings out your favorite magazine, the catalog that arrives in your mailbox.

Then the Laser printer which was considered a mysterious one as it uses the laser beam which is a highly focused beam of light which helps to write letters and draw pictures on paper.

The third one mentioned is the Inkjet printer. An Inkjet printer is a common printer as the name sounds; it uses extremely small droplets of ink onto paper to bring the output.

Finally, the Mobile printer which is nothing but the wireless, using the gadgets to connect to the printer wirelessly and print the document on a nearby printer or in some specific location specified. Based on the requirements of the product we can choose between the printers with the best technology.

On a regular basis, companies deliver high volume of generic products for consumers to use. A custom diary printing and binding is one such concept where the companies print diaries for scribbling our thoughts in an effective way onto it in a matter of seconds.

Modern Day Printing Technology:

The highly revolving printing technologies are the ones which are 3D (3 dimensional) and the 4D (4 dimensional) is considered to be the future of global printing at par higher standard. 3D printing is commonly thought of a futuristic concept, but the highly trending 3D printing technology has been around for more than three decades as per 3Hubs, a leading 3D printing company in the world.

The reason behind recent 3D printing technology hype is due to the patent for Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) technology which got expired by 2009. Prior to expiry, the patent, and the concept were limited for industrial use but it is out for all of us.

3D printing is an Additive Manufacturing process which is a unique technology helps to print or create a physical object from a digital design. The course of every 3D print start with a digital 3D design file which got the inputs for the physical object to be printed, it is more like a blueprint.

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