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Food is an important and vital one for each and everyone in their life. The reason for taking food is to get energy for the body from it. Even though people go for healthy food, they take food only if it tastes good and smells good. Taste and smell are the two important factors of any food. A food without any taste or smell is a waste. This is the reason why people cook food in a tastier way and add a lot of ingredients to make it smell good.

Why taste is important?

There are a lot of reasons for saying the taste is important for a food. Firstly, most of the people love to eat food only because of its taste. Taste is the first priority that people have given to a food. People eat a food only if tastes good. This means only if the food is tastier it can be taken by the people. Otherwise, people reject the food and go for another one. Another reason is, taste not only nourish the food but also nourish the soul of the person who eats the food.

It is because eating a tastier food is considered as a pleasure by the people and they love to eat tastier foods repeatedly than boring ones. For this reason, restaurants, hotels, and people cook food with different ingredients like start exported by starch exporters. Similarly, the ingredients that are added to make a food tastier helps us to digest the food we take. For instance, to say, the smelling and tasting of a food activate the salivary glands and digestive juices in our body. Without these factors, we can’t take food and we will get issues on digesting the food.

Why smell is important?

Smell and taste are also crucial for our health as these two senses give us the information about the food to our brain. That is, if a food that tastes bad or smells bad, our brain won’t accept that food and trigger us to avoid the food. Thus, if we are taking any spoiled food or unhealthy food we can avoid such food. It is due to first we smell the food before we eat it. When we are going to eat a food our smell organs smell the food automatically and give instructions to the brain about it.

Thus, if it is an unhealthy food the brain induce us to avoid it. Another advantage related to smell of a food is, it induces us to eat food when we are hungry. If a person is hungry and needs food then the smell of a food can induce him or her to take food immediately. Thus one can take food when he or she needs without any fail. Also, the smell of a food also gives a joy or pleasure to the person. Even some people love to eat some foods just because of its smell.

Thus, on the whole, without the two factors the taste and smell of a food, eating a food is nothing and the food becomes waste.

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