Different types of diaries explained – For all walks of life

Creative Diary writing

It’s our handwriting that brings those special memories from childhood school works. It’s quick, simple, and pleasure to use an online diary these days. But they aren’t satisfying as good as writing a notebook diary. Diaries have an exciting history, during the old day’s high-profile personalities write down their emotions on the diary and they get to pass it on to next generations. Could not help thinking how one would be doomed without the invention of a diary.

Thoughts are precious and they have to be noted down for the good. It has been estimated that an average brain has anywhere between 25k to 45k thoughts a day. Interestingly not all those thoughts are that much but there can be quite a few which are valued higher to be noted down. It is always a best practice to note down things before we think on other as bringing the earlier one back is quite tough without any reference to it. Just buy a diary, say for an example a metallic diary 2021 and just start writing.

The types of diaries are endless as we can have a diary for anything. We have narrow few of them which will be suitable for all walks of life to produce a growth in everyone’s life.

Wedding Diary

This is the big day in your life. Lots of things get carried away if we get loose on it. Parents can note down the shopping lists of items for the perfect marriage. Important to note down the wearable jewels and the places we keep them, as no need to rush for where the precious things have been kept. Likewise, you can use Wedding Diary for multiple things as it suits your requirement.

Professional Diary

This is especially for the career growth, as the weekdays shuffle with office and home. We might not get time to track our career goals and our path daily. Writing our career planning and noting down what’s completed and what’s yet to be.


This is a special addition, as first of all, it is a good practice to start writing immediately after the sleep. Write down the dreams you had in your sleep and continue it the next. Maybe it gets you more creative or solves a situation you are having and what not.

Secret Diary

This one is critical; matters we write down in the secret diary are our personal thoughts. One must have the mental and physical power to write a secret diary. Secret diaries are written by multiple high profile personalities to record their lifestyle and the things they are not able to do as a public.


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