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After long months of searching, your job hunt comes to an end. Yes, you’ve made it through the recruiter’s screening call, and your interview has been scheduled promptly. Now it’s time to charm the pants off to your potential future boss. To show off your excellence, you’re running through your checklist of the things you need to do. At the same time, it’s important to remember the things not to do, because even one wrong move could end up your interview journey.

However, even the most promising and brilliant candidates can occasionally flub this key part of the process on that big day. Yes, what you do during a job interview is viewed as a sample of your work. The act, presence, way of speaking, sitting, and everything you do is being judged because they don’t know who you are. To poke this off, analyze those mistakes and show them you would be a great hire.

Arriving Late

Sometimes, job candidates scheduled several interviews with different managers back t back. At this scenario, two things could happen when you show your presence late. One is, your first interview will be cut short promptly since because you have one more interview with other managers or you disrupt the schedules of several interviewers. It’s neither good for you or shortchanges your time with an interviewer makes people feel like grumpy.

Arriving Too Early

It’s almost the flip side of the above one because arriving too early can also disrupt a hiring manager. However, it’s important to arrive at least 10 minutes before to get through any security and check in with reception. So, it’s a mistake to arrive earlier than 10 minutes before your scheduled interview time.

Appearing Unpolished

Almost everyone looks forward to putting together the signals you care about the interview and want to put your best foot forward. Showing off your good-looking presence will always create attention among the job seekers to hire you. Instead of appearing wrinkled, rumpled and stained clothes doesn’t quite fit for you. It is important to select the best outfit, brush your hair professionally, and take a look in the mirror before you arrive.

Not Bringing a Resume

Some of the top-most firms’ hiring manager would be ready with your resume, but not every interviewer is organized. This clearly portrays that you should always have a copy of resume which is filled with your personal qualification, skill set with the certification from the reputed institute and more. In case of IT scenario, cloud computing technology remains top off the shelves, so get the cloud certification in Chennai to add extra dosage to your resume. Hence, by showing this off, it signals that you are thoughtful and prepared.

Failed to prepare

If you failed to demonstrate a basic knowledge of the role or providing clear examples of your past performance create shadow like you just rolled in after only glancing at the company’s website. Generally, interviewers might ask some of the fundamental questions about your skills, interest, background, personnel qualification, and more to analyze why you’re a perfect fit for your company. So, read up on the company’s profile and also a few anecdotes about projects you successfully completed.

Forgetting to Follow Up

So, many of the candidates forget this basic rule of interviewing. Yes, you need to thank the interviewer within 24 hours by email for spending their time, underscore your interest in the position. If you failed to do it, the hiring managers might think that you’re not interested or organized or sometimes they forget you. This point is valid, but following them aggressively is an awkward one. Yes, you should not send multiple emails or call because anything more is probably too much and it’s like demanding the recruiters that why they haven’t hire you.


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