Arthritis in feet – Strategies to Get Relief


Before diving into details of the topic one must discuss briefly the term ‘Arthritis’. Many studies suggest this condition of arthritis is quite common, as almost 15% of the total population of Indian suffers from this condition called arthritis. Butit is still misunderstood. So an attempt has been made to put through a clear picture regarding the same. So, arthritis is a condition where one experiences inflammations in the joints and due to this inflammation, such joints usually pain and become stiff. This leads to lesser movement of such joints. Arthritis as a disease does not deal with some specific or single body part, it is a disease of joints. The joints all over the body are affected more or less due to this condition.  Moreover, it has different types and it also involves various other conditions. For example, if we talk about kidney problems, it straight away suggests that these diseases or conditions are solely related to kidney and nothing else. But this is not the scenario in case of arthritis as discussed earlier it is not a single disease. The world health organization has classified 100 plus arthritis disorder.

The common types of arthritis are osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, posttraumatic arthritis and Gout. If we talk about the symptoms of this disease they often come and go. They vary from being minor, moderate or severe. Sometimes the symptoms remain the same for a longer span, like years pass by and the symptoms are still the same, but they can aggravate any way over a period of time. Severe arthritis results in prolonged joint pain. It disables one from performing the house hold chores and daily activities that involve standing for a longer duration, walking and even climbing stairs becomes difficult.. Arthritis can result in permanent changes and damage to the joints. Such permanent damage can only be treated by. There are renowned institutions that provide knee procedures treatment or knee replacement in Chennai.

Arthritis viz-a-viz Feet

Studies suggest that 45-50% individuals who are in their 60’s and 70’s are suffering from arthritis especially suffering from arthritis pain in their feet. The question arises why feet? The most complex structure in the human body are feet. Along with muscles and ligaments, there are around 28 bones and over 30 joints in human feet. All these allow one to have full movement, balancing and supporting being the major ones. As we age, these 30 joints that are serving us from the day we started walking as a kid become highly vulnerable and are at a higher risk that would eventually lead to arthritis. Once you see a doctor and perform all the tests, such as X-rays, CT scans or MRI and your doctor is of the opinion that you are suffering from arthritis there are 3 major treatment or remedies.

Firstly Medication, the doctor may prescribe some oral medicines especially anti-inflammatories and some steroid injections which will relieve pain. Secondly, physical therapy such as exercise and yoga should be part of one’s daily routine. Weight loss is must. Some additional shoes padding is also done sometimes to decrease the intensity of pain. Lastly, if the condition is critical and all the other remedied have exhausted then the last option is that of surgery. Some miscellaneous relief factors such as choosing the right type of shoe, stretching, massaging and application of some topical ointments.

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