Cloud computing, a technology which lets us store, manage, and process data on a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet. Since cloud technology innovation, we are able to access data from anywhere with the help of Internet. The incredible dynamic technology removes the dependency on the local data storage. It enables us to store our data in a virtual environment and to utilize whenever necessary over the Internet. The current trend revolves around the service applications powering up the pace of our data usage on the Internet. Cloud computing is seeing a steady growth in the industry; due to cloud computing jobs are in high demand in 2017.

It has been estimated that there is more than 20,000 cloud service providers present. But very few dominate the world with their innovations and distinguished services. Here are the top 10 list of cloud computing services in the market in 2017.

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • IBM Cloud
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • SalesForce Cloud
  • Adobe
  • Oracle Cloud
  • SAP
  • Workday
  • Verizon Cloud

They are the heavyweights in the cloud platform right now. There are numerous types of cloud computing like Public cloud, Private cloud, and Hybrid cloud.

Amazon web services offer a number of services. They are very concentrated on specific services they offer like Infrastructure-as-a-service (Iaas), Platform-as-a-service (Paas) and Software-as-a-service (Saas). The services they offer does not limit these three but have the following. Notable cloud services related to cloud security, cloud management, mobile services, Internet of Things (IoT) and more.

Considering the competition to one another they push themselves really hard to bring out quality services which solve day to day problem for billions. Job opportunities are endless in this field, with a little knowledge of the cloud one can get into the field with ease. Various training institutes are providing cloud-related training and assisting passionate professionals in completing cloud certifications. Major cities in India have quality training institutes which educate candidates on cloud technology and others. Gaining a Cloud Certification in Chennai guarantees your position in a leading cloud computing firm with a good package. The technology benefits with the knowledge to manage cloud applications and services effectively, understanding Virtualization, Security. Free cloud utilities are available on the internet and they help us to experience cloud applications personally after getting educated and trained on the technology.

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