Types of ISO tanks and its uses – Pros and Cons


Nowadays, many of the ISO tank container manufacturers in India has an extensive line of ISO container, stainless steel, portable tanks that can be used to ship hazardous and non-hazardous liquid materials, liquified gases and the whole range of free-flowing products.

As such, depending on the type of products to be shipped or the special services needed from them, container units may vary in dimension, structure, materials, construction etc. Also, these various types of shipping containers are being used today to meet the requirements of all kinds of cargo shipping. Some of the most common types of shipping containers in use today are mentioned below.

Dry Storage Container

This is most commonly used shipping containers which come in various dimensions and standardized by ISO. They are used for shipping dry goods material and come is the various size of 20ft, 40ft, and 10ft.

These containers do not allow for temperature controls, so they are not suited for moving food or chemicals that require refrigeration.

Flat Rack Container

A flat rack container has no top and only two sides. This makes room for heavy loads to be set on the rack from above or from the side. Most flat rack containers are either 20 or 40 feet long, and they are made from steel for strength and durability.

Some flat rack containers are collapsible, and some come with additional walls that can be attached to the frame.

Open Top Container

As the name implies, an open top container has an open top. This allows for easy loading of bulk cargo. There is a roof structure that can be secured to the container with ropes, and that provides protection against rain and other forms of precipitation.

Thermal and Refrigerated Containers

Thermal and refrigerated containers have temperature controls so goods can be kept at a specific temperature during transport. For thermal containers, the temperature is usually higher than the outside temperature. Refrigerated units keep temperatures lower than the outside temperature. Both the containers are exclusively used for shipment of perishable substances like fruits and vegetables over long distances.

UN Portable Container

Tank containers, also known as UN portable tanks, ISO tank containers, bulk storage containers, shipping tanks, or intermodal tanks are used in the transportation and storage of hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals, foodstuffs, and liquefied gases. The tank is welded inside the frame, protecting it from damage during shipping and handling.

Many of the ISO tank container exporters in India are offering liquid tanks in capacities ranging from 26,000 liters (6,870 gallons) down to 14,000 liters (3,700 gallons).

Wrapping Up

As you can see, there are numerous ISO tank containers which allow you to deliver your goods to any destination and benefits for your business. Choose your best container which suits your business needs and transport goods safely across the world.

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