Strengthen Your Joints and Bones – Stay Fit Even After 60’s



We all know that our body is full of bones and joints from head to toe. Bones are pillar support to our body and forms the shape. Being so light, bones are stronger enough to support our body weight.  A joint is a physical point where the connection of two bones occurs, that is junctions in the body that link bones together, like knee joint. A healthy joint is much necessary for bearing the weight of the body and free movement. Being fit is essential to survive life. Maintaining a proper diet along with exercise is good for leading a healthy life. Taking good care of joints and bones are important. Because osteoporosis and arthritis can make a huge impact on walking or moving around. Let’s see the ways you can follow for staying fit. Making some Simple lifestyle changes.

The food that you eat affects your bones. High consumption of green and yellow vegetables would increase enormous mineralization during young age and it last after becoming adults. Vegetables good for your bones. Specifically, vitamin C’s antioxidant effect helps in fighting bone cells from damaging. Vitamin C which stimulates the production of bone-forming cells. Vegetables also help in increasing bone density. So, eating a higher amount of vegetables at a younger age will help you in your old times. Having foods which are rich in calcium, vitamin D and other nutrients are also important for your health. Take a balanced diet with plenty of dairies, fruits, nuts, fish, vegetables to get enough nutrient sufficient for the day. Reduce sodium intake and increase the potassium intake. Some of the potassium-rich foods are bananas, broccoli, yogurt, sweet potato, lentils, baked potatoes.

As much as everyone knows drinking alcohol is a bad habit. Heavy drinking will lead to bone loss. Coffee, tea and soft drinks have caffeine, which may decrease calcium absorption and lead to bone loss.

Exercising will help you build and maintain your bones. Many fitness surveys show that men and women who do weight-bearing exercise tend to have increased bone mineral density and have higher bone strength. Discuss with your therapist before starting exercises. Weight-bearing exercise can help in building bone mass. Walking, running, dancing, playing games like soccer, tennis, badminton etc., are also some of the weight-bearing exercises. Resistance training helps build muscles which can help to protect your joints and bones. Getting enough protein is important for healthy bones. In fact, about 50% of bone is made of protein. Protective gears are available, which you use while exercising to prevent getting injured. Yoga is a great stretching exercise for bones and joints. Apart from this diet and healthy food consumption, it’s also good to check your bone health through scans and monitor your internal health. There are Knee ligament surgery and knee replacement are available in Chennai, providing higher quality treatment to take care of your bones and healthy life at any age.

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