Revamp Your Career-Strategies To Begin!


For the last 15 years, in the world of information technology (IT), what has remained constant is change. Most of the fresh and experienced individuals are expected to learn and revamp their career in a 6-monthly cycle. In this fast-moving and ever-changing environment, the HP Load-Runner & Appium training packages offered by various institutes is a gold standard when it comes to individual’s need to revamp his/her career it is the best training to undergo. It is sure to pay you a good salary and a well-maintained growth of career.  These training modules are extremely customizable to one’s specific needs and have been developed based on vast industry experience and are future ready for next 20 years in the field of IT.

The IT industry has taken a huge leap by giving career opportunities to many globally. It is an industry many professionals look forward to making a good career. Unlike any other job, this also comes with a beginning and to begin with one has to strategize their preparations. After the basic degree, it is important to mark your training when you prepare a resume and such certifications talk a lot during your interview. A CV with the best certificates is sure to win a good career in the IT industry. So strategize your career by taking the right skill training.

Advantages of training programs

Some of the unique advantages that differentiate these programs from the others in the market are:

The training module offers a lifelong membership to the “HP Genius Club” where the trainee can connect with industry experts for mentorship and guidance on projects they are handling in their professional career.

This program also has a 100% money back guarantee that individuals can avail if after the conclusion of the program the attendee doesn’t see an immediate growth in his/her professional career.

For the folks who are interested in freelancing & entrepreneurship, the training also offers the opportunity to participate in meet-and-greet events where they can establish connects with potential companies or investors for their ideas.

Offers individual coaching in both classroom and online training sessions

The program also provides career counseling and also a means to achieve correct certification that will make individuals future ready. Best in class and customizable cost structure (i.e. pays and learn exactly what you need).

Best in class and customizable cost structure (i.e. pays and learn exactly what you need, nothing more and nothing less).

Interaction sessions with training alumnus provide additional perspective on how to leverage the new skills developed during the training to its maximum potential.

Incorporates the next level AI, Machine learning and data mining algorithms

Offers opportunity for bubble assignments in the industry to solidify the understanding of key concepts offered on these training modules. All students take benchmarking assessments at the start and finish of the program to establish completion of learning goals. The program is flexible to allow student/trainees to stop and start the lessons based on their availability from their other individual commitments.

Average industry experience of instructors in this program is 15-20 years and is board certified and trained by HP to deliver these training modules.

Based on market research, the average rise in salary for individuals having these training under their belt is around 40-50 % with higher numbers going up to 80-90% hike. With such clear advantages, no other training package comes close to what this program offers and is expected to remain an industry leader for a long time.

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