Need To Know Information about Printers and Printing Products

Different printing services

Printing is a process for reproducing text and images using a master form or template, as per Wikipedia. The history of printing dates back to 220 AD by the Chinese, which is also the earliest known printing. Since then printing and the devices have been evolved to a certain level, typical printing these days have been done in a printing press by placing ink on paper.

Printing has been done with the help of the master form or template. There are fruitful information’s to be shared about the printing methodologies in the current era. Each of them is distinguishable to a level based on their unique methodologies of printing. They gather together to form a specific product which will be useful for the general public.

Digital Printing

Digital printing involves the printing of digital pattern data on dynamic physical surfaces. It is done on platforms like clothes, plastic, film, paper, etc. We tend to wear clothes with quotes printing on them which are typically utilised the digital printing methodologies.

Offset Lithography

Most printing develops love this Offset lithography since it takes very less in setting up the press. General examples of Offset printing mechanisms are printing on papers, creating magazines, brochures, diaries. Several printing mechanisms are combined together to form a final product. Notebook printing is one prime example achieved by clubbing the output of multiple printing mechanisms.


Embossing printing technique is more like a virtual technology in printing. This mechanism helps to print 3-dimensional images on a piece of paper. One has to be patient and highly active during this mechanism as it involves using a heat source. The device applies the design/pattern to the material by providing pressure and heat towards it.


The final printing mechanism we have added to our list is the Flexography technology. This printing method also used to print more on the home based applications. Like plastic bags, grocery bags, gift wrap and more. Flexography printing process uses elastic relief plate attached to a printing cylinder. This methodology of printing is currently the fast growing print process in the industry.

No need to exaggerate more on the endless availability of popular printing methodologies. Other than the above mentioned, there are other printing processes also available like Electrostatic Printing, Gravure printing, Letterpress, Screen printing, Thermography.

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