Mouthwatering Indian Sweet Recipes – Try it Now


Indian foods are famous all over the world. Particularly, Indian sweets are loved by people all over the world. This is because they taste very good and everyone should try the Indian sweets at least once in their lifetime. Indian people made these sweets for special occasions like Diwali, Navaratri, Holi and for their family functions. A lot of tasty and mouth watery sweets are available in India.

No festival or special occasion is incomplete without sweets in India. Most of the sweets find high demand all over the world and are easy to prepare. If you are searching for the mouth watering Indian sweets, then check out the list given below

Some mouth watering Indian sweets

  1. Jalebi

This is a very popular sweet in India. This sweet can be taken as warm or cold. This sweet is also famous in some other countries like East Arica, North Africa, West Asia and South Asia. This sweet is made with ingredients such as maida flour, sugar, saffron, and ghee. At first, the sweet is fried and it is soaked in the sweet sugar syrup. It has a chewy texture with the sugar coating.

  1. Rasagulla

This is also a popular Indian sweet and is known as the King of Indian sweets. This is a Bengali sweet and is a traditional sweet which is made with milk maid paneer. The paneer is made as a round ball and dipped in the sugar syrup. This sweet is famous during festive seasons like Diwali. This is a mouth watering sweet which is loved by a number of people.

  1. Carrot Halwa

This sweet dish is a traditional and very famous one which is made with milk, carrot, and sugar. This is the easiest dish to prepare and most of the Indian families make this sweet dish during festival seasons and special occasions. This is a very tastiest sweet and can be served in both hot and cold form.

  1. Gulab Jamun

This is one of the popular festive Indian sweet. This sweet is made by using ingredients like milk solids obtained from curdled milk and sugar syrup. The milk solids are first fried in the oil and dipped and served with sweet sugary syrup. This sweet is mouth watery and popular in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.

  1. Laddu

This is a ball-shaped sweet which is prepared especially during festivals like Diwali, Navaratri, Ganesh Chathurthi and during weddings and family functions. This sweet is available in different forms like Rava laddus, groundnut laddus, aval laddus, motichoor laddus, besan laddus and coconut laddus. This is an India, Bangladeshi and Pakistani sweet which is considered as a traditional Eid dessert by some Muslim communities.

  1. Mysore Pak

This is also known as Kaju Barfi and Kaju Katli. This sweet is often made during Diwali and during special occasions. This sugar is made with sugar and cashew. This barfi is very famous among the people of India and is a tastiest sweet.

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