Label & Packaging Industry-Improve your Efficiency in 2018!


It is always good to forecast how the demand is and what kind of demand we have. With the ongoing arrangements of fancy and good materials used for packaging, we need to think of what is going to be next. Here are some of the predictions for upcoming years; every region has its value and results for every year improvement in packing. In economically developing markets a number of social trends are having a great impact on the developments happening in packaging over the last few years like convenience for customers, small package, easy to carry, easy to dispose of, clean eating, small quantity availability..  etc.

There are many research and development companies which provide strategic and technical consulting, testing of the customer satisfaction, intelligence and events to help the clients get market insights of demand, to evaluate the product performance of a particular packing, to manage the compliance. Etc. There is a clear trend for the new packaging industry due to the need for sustainable packing and cost efficiency to optimize packaging materials with any change or compromise of the food box and beverage products, Packing has many options now to reduce the process or reduce energy during the packaging and labeling process. The main key is using the products and getting the customer need without much of effort during packing production.

Digital Printing has played a major role and most interesting and thought-provoking from past a few months and definitely to be looked at for the growth of the same. Digital printing is used in this case to free up valuable packaging in different places and produce variations of the same package for different countries and places. It is an opportunity for the market to grow through brand awareness using all the modern techniques and attract the customer and satisfy the need of the customer.

Hence slowly all the printing companies will install high productivity inkjets, digital e-commerce modeling, and online tools for print allotment and look of the product, 3d view of the final product and quick delivery techniques

In upcoming years I feel the use of technology will further diversify and make the product package look nicer and brighter and attractive, the only challenge is turnaround time, maintain reusability, maintain eco-friendly, prices on unique printing, cost, pressure etc. I am sure after few years Hybrid Technology printing will become a boom and become the standard for certain packaging. I feel an increase in Packaging advertising where we use the product labels as a major part to market the message, this will definitely increase when it is strong and increase in demand for small packages

Customer packing design can increase the lifestyle of the company, and the customer value for a lifetime, once the customer knows we could also make personalized packaging so the unboxing becomes fun. With all this one has to take care of the damage proof products one has to take care of the material used for packaging and still maintain the style, color and good feel to the customer. Product boxes wholesale play a very important role especially for food packaging, One has to take care of double layered, god material and food not to be spoilt and remains fresh is the key part., We get any kinds of boxes like Laminated, Pizza boxes, Printed packaging boxes, Paper packing, Duplex printed, Cardboard packaging,  Food packing Duplex boxes, Laminated cardboard.. Etc. One has to select and not bargain too much while picking the boxes. Based on the food material and shelf life we need to select and do the right packing. Selecting food boxes is a challenge and definitely needs good research and need to be selected!!

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