Is it good to join as a developer in IT industry – Freshers insights?



Every year the freshers are passing out from the college and looking for the job in IT sectors. The well-reputed college institutions organizing the campus interview for the freshers. Many big companies like TCS, HCL, CTS recruit the students from the college and gave them offer to join in the company at the different position based on their skill set.

Most of the students still searching for the jobs and some students are waiting for the offer letter from the company. There are no projects as now even in large companies due to some economic problems like GST, demonetization and so on. The bulk of peoples has been sent out from the company in recent times.

In this highly competitive market, we have to stand unique from the crowd while searching for the jobs. The HR will filter the resume for the single position where more than 100+ people are applying for the jobs daily. How we going to handle this hectic situation? Some people are started working in unknown sectors which were not related to their career path. They need money to run the family and so they are sacrificing the career path.

Choose the best career path now itself and prepare for it with proper plans. Do some professional certification courses like hp loadrunner training, Selenium courses etc and improve your skillset before joining the job. Select the best areas which are currently trending and attend hands-on training in the reputed institutions and set your career goals towards the brighter future.

Before attending the interview, you have to follow certain procedures to taste the success in your career path. Not just freshers even the experienced people didn’t research about the company before attending the interview. It’s mandatory to read about the company pages before the hunt for the job. Social media will be very useful for the job seekers to surf about the required jobs. Especially on LinkedIn, you can see the update of all company profile and their latest job openings. You can directly apply for the job on LinkedIn and the HR admin will call for the interview if they required.

You will be appointed as the developer in the first job. In the start-up company, you will get complete freedom while working on the client projects directly. But in larger companies, we must wait for the client call and you need to attend several pieces of training before sitting in the project. Learn and improve yourself in the job as a developer and try to coordinate with the team members in the project with complete passion. Communication skills are very important and it will be useful to present your project directly to the clients in future.

The resume will speak to you in the interview. No one has time to go through paragraphs to understand your potential through the resume. Make your resumes short and retain only interesting stuff. As a fresher, you’ll be tempted to write long paras because your resume looks shorter than your friends.

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