IoT 2019 Trends – What’s New In?


Internet of things is the most emerging technology in today’s generation. Today’s market is totally driven towards technology and the evolving environment. There lies a huge opportunity in cloud computing which has been greatly been supported by the Internet of things. With rapid modernization of society, the way to use technology is also changing and we nowadays have been more attracted towards services, gadgets that are featured with the connectivity of the Internet.

Let us look at the latest 2019 IOT trends that have been researched by Jmeter training in Chennai and has provided us with deeper insights regarding IOT.

  • Artificial Intelligence adding value to data: AI is the most important element to make sense of a large amount of data being collected on a daily basis. The easiest way to bring it to the application is to resort to the API services of various cloud operators like Amazon, IBM, Microsoft.
  • An edge computing in order to overcome the constraints of the cloud: There is an increase in the problem of fast and continuous connectivity and a lot of costs is being incurred for the same. Edge computing will be helpful to a great extent to relocate part of the storage and thus help in the processing of data to the periphery of the network.
  • Digital twins pass from objects to production flow: Digital twin helps to interpret the data collected by sensors as a visual representation. It not only collects data but also predicts future happenings due to any change in production. Due to the enhancement of this technology, it will enable more efficiency, fewer loopholes, and reduction in compliance issue. Therefore, for the simulation of objects, there is the use of physical modelling algorithm and artificial intelligence systems that have been replacing sensors and providing the simulation of the probable feedback.
  • Bringing order to the babel of protocol: As we know the 5G network is the most expected technology in today’s market. Which generally supports the virtual interconnected world for innovation. It helps in gathering, accumulating and analyzing data on a real-time basis.


New IoT Technologies:

  • IoT Security: The security technologies would be required in order to protect the IoT devices and the platforms from both ways that is the information attack and physical tampering takes place so as to encrypt the communication.
  • IoT Operating System: As the traditional operating systems consumed too much power, needed a fast processor and lacked features in contrast the IoT operating systems are developed so as to suit the hardware footprints and the required features.
  • IoT Standards and Ecosystems: Standards and APIs are crucial because all IoT devices will be needed to incorporate and communicate, and there will be many IoT business models that would rely upon sharing data between various devices and organizations.

However, if we take into consideration the Internet of Things is accompanied by various other booming technology like Cloud Services, Big Data analytics, data processing are supporting the growth of IoT in the market. And it has already delivered high results by processing a high volume of data and use of advanced analytics that what impact and growth it can cause in future.

Let’s have a quick on the career opportunities available for the Internet of Things:

  • Data Analytics
  • Device and Hardware
  • Cell and UI Development
  • Protection

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