Interesting Factoids – Boost Your Pregnancy with these Tips


Countless words of advice from family and friends or can be known from the supported medical facts. There are many tips which a pregnant mother must know which boosts up the brain development of baby during pregnancy. Some interesting factoids about boosting up pregnancy are given by fertility specialist in chennai which are as follows:

Tips for Boosting Up Pregnancy

1. Nourishment of Body : Better the health of mother throughout the pregnancy, better the health of baby. Thus it is advised to the pregnant mothers to always practice healthy habits by eating healthy diet and nutritious foods. By taking supplemental vitamins and minerals and by gaining healthy weight, mother will be healthy and will deliver a healthy baby. For getting proper nourishment, it is advised to take following measures to keep healthy are as follows:

  • Prenatal Vitamins : The various prenatal vitamins advised by doctor during pregnancy includes –

* Vitamin B12

* Vitamin C

* Vitamin D

* Iron

* Zinc

* Folic Acid

  • Decide what to Eat : It is highly essential to take healthy diet for proper growth and development of baby in mother’s womb. It also boosts up the brain development of baby. Therefore, it is advised to focus on diets rich in fruits and vegetables, healthy grains, fats and lean protein.
  • Folic Acid : Taking enough folic acid during pregnancy, helps in forming healthy brain cells which prevents autism and thus it decreases the chances of birth defects in baby. Therefore it is best to take folic acid either through supplements or foods.
  • Avoid Medications : It is strict advice for any pregnant mothers during any stage of pregnancy that always consult your doctor before taking medicines or any prescription or over the counter medication. Certain medications are linked to birth defects, anxiety, autism, and many other developmental issues.
  • Omega – 3 Fatty Acids : The presence of Omega -3 fatty acids in the super foods has the positive influence on baby’s brain development. Women who love to eat fishes and ate an increased amount of fishes during the second trimester had given birth to babies having higher mental development.
  • Maintaining a Healthy Weight : It is important for pregnant mother to maintain a healthy weight by eating nutritional diet.
  • Stay Hydrated : Water is essential for all living beings,therefore it is important for pregnant mother to keep herself hydrated for boosting up the fetal brain development.

2. Exercise :  Exercise is extremely good for healthy body and mind, the endorphins released during exercise boosts up the mood and the well being and enhance the cognitive function. When mother do the exercises, all these benefits passes to the baby and only 30 minutes exercises for 4-5 days is sufficient for reaping the benefits.

3. Manage the Stress Level : The stress during the pregnancy increases the risks of congenital brain diseases or brain malfunctions in the babies. Be relaxed with the changes in life during pregnancy and promote stress relief or stress reducing activities.

Thus by keeping all these important tips in mind, pregnant mothers will definitely deliver a healthy baby in best fertility hospital in Chennai. It is always advised to all pregnant mothers to follows these tips for healthy body and mind of both mother and baby in mother’s womb.

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