The Insightful Statistics of Major Rice Exporting Nations in Asia


Rice without any doubt is the healthiest food in the world. It brings endless possibilities preparing a delicious supper to our home. Massive health benefits assured with the continuous intake of rice. Estimation of rice intakes surpasses Billion of ton quantity in the global market. China is the only specific country in the world leads to the massive intake of rice from exporters. Countries which leading the majority of rice exports are the countries with massive rice cultivation and shining in other areas.

Plenty of countries exports rice to various corners in the world. Due to the popularity of the food variety and the requirement is in large scale, countries export rice with a dollar value. Considering the competition, countries export rice with dollar values.

Billion dollar evaluation:

In the year 2015, there are five countries exporting rice in billion dollar valuation as per the study by WorldsTopExport. These countries export the highest US dollar value worth of rice outnumbering their competitors by a huge margin in the same year.

  1. Vietnam with $1.6 billion value and 7.5% of total rice exports.
  2. Pakistan with $1.9 billion value and 9.1% of total rice exports.
  3. USA with $2.1 billion value and 9.7% of total rice exports.
  4. Thailand with a massive $4.5 billion value and 21.4% of total rice exports.
  5. India with mammoth $6.4 billion and 30.1% of total rice exports.

Numerous other countries with millions of dollar value in export are Italy, Uruguay, Cambodia, Australia, China, Belgium, Guyana, Netherlands and Spain. Asian countries top the chart in the leading rice export statistics we have seen. Heavy competition surrounds among India and Thailand for the rice export. India got the upper hand as being second place in terms of world population compared to Thailand.

As per Wikipedia, Rice production in Thailand represents a significant portion of the Thai economy and labor force. Forty percent of Thais work in agriculture, 16 million of them as rice farmers by one estimate.” Internal competition set up the motivation in the country to push and produce more rice for export purposes.

Northeast Thailand surpasses Central Thailand on being the main producer or rice in the country. Pakistan being the 4th largest producer in the world eying to push more rice export comparing to their previous stats in the year 2015.

On being one of the world’s richest agricultural nations Vietnam they are closing chasing Thailand in the worldwide export market. Countries like the Middle East and some in Africa are the primary markets for the above Asian producers of rice. These countries find each other competitive especially in the rice export quotation in order to have a stronghold in the race.

Apart from rice, countries export sugar and other food grains in large quantity as well. Best quality white sugar exporters in India and other Asian countries export crystalline sugar which is the good source of fructose and galactose. White sugar is used for the emergency purpose; one can clean wounds with it.

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