How To Safeguard Your Children From Sparklers Injuries – Tips To Select Branded Crackers


New Year 2019 has arrived every Indian household is abuzz with the festive rituals. By this way, Diwali is probably the most awaited festival in India. Diwali is a festival of beaming lights, mouth-watering sweets, lots of fun activities and celebrated with great jubilation across the country by illuminating houses and surroundings with lights, diyas & burning crackers. On the other hand, it is also a time when negligence on your part can cause mishappening. However much this kind of celebration is exciting and thrilling, it is dangerous too.

If shooting off firecrackers is a tradition in your family, you need to take extra care of the kids. The small children get involved in burning firecrackers as they love to have fun. Being adults, we are capable of safeguarding ourselves from possible hazards, but the kids might not be. And so, it becomes our responsibility to take care of your children while indulging themselves in Diwali dhamaal. Here we had thrown some safety tips to make sure your kids are safe this Diwali.

Tips to Safeguard Your Children from Sparklers Injuries

  • Dress your kids in cotton clothes at the time of fireworks. Particularly, do not allow your little princess to wear ethnic outfits while cracking because it is very difficult to manage, especially dupattas.
  • Do not light too many diyas inside the house, why because children might burn themselves accidentally roaming about.
  • While decorating your home with electric lights, make sure there are no naked wires, it may cause accidental injury.
  • Also, make a handy first-aid kit to deal any unwanted burn or injury. Try to purchase some bandages, pain pills, Sterile saline solution, Cling wrap, skin moist burn pads, pain reliever, etc.
  • As per research, some of the fountain crackers causes the most injuries during Diwali, so be cautious when your kid is lighting one.
  • When a bomb or cracker doesn’t burst up do not let your child run excitedly to re-lit the dud.
  • The most important thing is, check the packing of fire-crackers. Do not compromise on the quality, buy from licensed shops.
  • Always teach your kids to maintain a good distance while bursting 30 cm sparklers to protect their eyes. If needed, try to wear protective eyewear so that smoke, dust, and debris do not enter your kid’s eyes.
  • Before the sparkling fire, keep a bucket of water in close proximity. In case of fire or burns, you can use that water for immediate rescue.

Tips to select branded crackers

  • Though there are a number of different aspects to any product, there are a few main factors that should be considered above others. It’s important that your sparklers perform flawlessly, so that is the key focus. Here’s what you should pay attention to before you decide to make a purchase from anywhere.
  • The way a sparkler is constructed makes a huge difference on many different levels. First off, a cheaply crackers made with only a thin coating of compound covering the handle will not perform very well. Double or triple coated sparklers will always perform brighter and more consistently.
  • Looking at reviews from a third-party resource can be a great way to research a company. Unbiased reviews are the best way to cut right through the marketing fluff.
  • A sparklers wholesale company with a great online reputation will always be a great resource for what you need.
  • The duration of the performance is another vital factor to measure and consider. If you want your sparklers to last for a minute and a half, one brand should surface as the right choice.

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