High demand of Maize – Agriculture perspectives of India


As we are aware, Maize also commonly known as corn in various parts of the world has become the staple food. It has been part of the standard diet as it supplies a large fraction of energy to the body.

Since the consumption of the maize have grown, the demand of the same is growing to an enormous scale. Global maize demand in 2020 is estimated at 2.1 billion Metric Ton. Experts have claimed the global demand for maize in 2020 will increase by 45% compared with current demand and supply.

This global demand for maize and certainly other crops have requesting a look at the agriculture perspectives of the major players. When it comes to global leaders in supplying maize, Asian countries lead the list with countries Thailand, India, and several other countries.

Within developing countries, the highest proportion of maize used for food will be in the countries of Sub Saharan Africa (76%) and South Asia (70%) which includes India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Thanks to maize exporters in India, who export large volume of the crop to a range of foreign countries and helping them to meet their demand. Let us display you India’s emerging agriculture perspectives.

Exposure of Indian Agriculture:

Worldwide farmers have been closely following the economic reform and its process taking place in India. This in turn expected to fall in favor of the agriculture, with massive increase in terms of trade between Indian and other foreign countries. It benefits the Indian cultivators and the exporters to gather better incentives comparing to the recent years.

Growth of Indian Agriculture

Comparatively Indian agriculture perspectives are unique as the supply aggregate and being the prime movers of agricultural commodities, including food grains accelerate the sustainable growth of Indian agriculture.

India’s agriculture sector looks bright actually and also on the face of the foreign nationals who closely following India’s supply side factors by monitoring India’s agriculture sector. 


India being the second populous country in the world closely following China’s population. The positive is the diverse terrain and the availability of natural resource in the South Asian country. India looks to benefit themselves by their exporters and solving demand problems to countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates. Not just maize but multiple other food crops are in demand, possibly major export players craft a benefiting solution to world’s population.

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