Harnessing the Power of Print for your Next Event, How?


Brochure Printing

Despite the strength of new digital media, traditional advertising brochures are still an effective marketing tool both to take care of the corporate image and to stimulate sales. The portal Unternehmer.de collects the ten main advantages of advertising brochure printing:

  1. Flexible
    the advertising brochures are adapted to the needs of all types of advertisers: companies, liberal professionals, public institutions, associations, etc. In addition, it is possible to use them to carry out all kinds of promotional actions: from the commercialization of new products to the opening of new stores, through the announcement of special sales offers.
  2. Manageable
    One of the great advantages of advertising by flyer printingis their small format, which makes them very manageable for the reader. In addition, they are also independent of the internet and the electric current.
  3. Multipurpose
    Advertising brochures can be distributed through multiple channels: by mail, at the point of sale, or in the entrance hall of the company, or at fairs and congresses. In addition, it is possible to accompany your distribution of other promotional products such as letters or catalogs.
  4. Economic
    Advertising brochures are cheaper than catalogs, outdoor advertising actions or press advertisements. That does not mean, however, that you have to neglect your design. In any case, it is easy to adapt them to the corporate image of the company.
  5. Informative
    evidently, and due to its small format, an advertising brochure does not contain as detailed information as a web or catalog can contain. However, its content can be used to encourage the customer to purchase. The key is to awaken the curiosity of the reader by the offer of products and services of the company and encourage him to visit it.
  6. Easy and fast to produce
    from the conception of the brochure to its final printing, few weeks pass. If the company is faced with the launch of a new product or service, the advertising brochures can become their great allies, since their production is very fast and simple.
  7. Attractiveness
    An advertising brochure contains in most cases little text and many images. It is about informing the client in a few words about the offer of products and services of the company and installing him to visit it. The attractiveness of the brochures for the potential client also increases if you attach discount coupons or response forms.
  8. Measurable
    If a businessgo withapromotion brochure of codes to download online discount coupons or reply forms, one can simplycalculate their efficacy.
  9. Cash
    Compared to other marketing instruments, advertising brochures have a high degree of effectiveness, which is also achieved in a very short time. Efficiency is even greater if special offers are included, such as rebates or discounts.
  10. Oriented to the target audience
    Hand in hand with advertising brochures, it is possible to connect with the target audience without investing too much money in targeting.

So advertising brochures is great way to enhance the sale of business.

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