Festival of dance – Explore the countries and their performances


Dance festivals are famous around the world and different dance festivals are celebrated in different parts of the world. The celebrations of dance festivals are just same as the normal festivals. People gather for this festival, celebrate the festival, dance together, buy wholesale fireworks online and enjoy fireworks etc. As the dance festivals are common across different parts of the world, let us see some of the dance festivals celebrated in the world.

Some Dance Festivals:

The Konark Dance Festival

This is an Indian dance festival which is celebrated in Orissa. This festival is celebrated two times in a year that is in February and in December. This festival is celebrated in an open auditorium near the sun temple. The dance festival shows the classical forms of the regional dances of India as well as national forms of dance, in a celebration to celebrate Orissa. The dances are held under a huge mandap called the Natya Mandap. The dances styles are typically those from the 19th to the 21st centuries.

The Modhera Dance Festival

This is one of the most famous dance festivals which is celebrated in Gujarat, India. The festival is held in the sun temple, which is dedicated totally to the lord Surya, otherwise translated as the sun god. The dances on display at the sun temple include classical Gujarati dances. This beautiful festival is held for three days during the month of January.

The Khajuraho Dance Festival

This festival is celebrated in the month of February to March. This festival is celebrated in Madhya Pradesh of India. Classical dance performers of the country perform their dance at Khajuraho during this festival in Madhya Pradesh. The main purpose of organizing this festival is to support the cultural heritages and different dances of the country.

During this festival live dance performances of a variety of dances are held like Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Odissi, Manipuri, Kuchipudi and other dances are held. The Festival of Khajuraho Dance is internationally recognized by international dancers and academies. A large number of foreign tourists come to India for classical dances like Khajuraho Festival of Dances.

The Dasara festival

This is also a famous festival which is known for its dance. This festival is held during Navaratri in Mysore for about 10 days. This is one of the wonderful dance festival celebrated in India. Dasara starts on the first day of Ashwija month, which is 19th of September this year and lasts for 10 days and it ends with the world famous Jambu Savari on the last day. This festival contains splendid tableaux, beautiful dance performances, music bands and folk dancers of different parts of the country for the full 10 days.

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