Build Your Online Presence Strategically – Here is a Content Marketing Tips & Tricks


Are you bewildering on what’s essential for getting success with content marketing? Simple, build your online presence strategically and consistently construct your content foundation. As your content speaks out, authority plays well and so people trusts in you to grows well.

To be precise, customer retention leads to engagement and engagement leads to branding, brand loyalty, sales, and leads. Overall, building up your online presence eventually increase your business as well as profit share. So, what’s our plan to encourage this growth?

Here comes the top-pick content marketing trends and tips to strengthen your online gravitas. Ready to do this? Let’s go!

1. Do E-mail marketing

Even in this digital age, E-mail marketing still continues to dominate the audience because the inbox is the most direct way to organically reach your customer. Also, email is more effective communication than the social media for customer acquisition. However, it’s a heavy-hitter for your content marketing if you use email in the right way. As per the 2018 Statista survey, the staggering amount of people use and rely on email reach up to 3.7 billion users and by 2022 the number expected to spike 4.3 billion.

  • How to entail this correctly?

Usually, office employees receive merely 100 emails per day so if you bombard inboxes on a regular basis, they won’t care about the value of your content.  It will start to bleed continually and they’ll start hitting delete instead of opening your missives. So, instead of sending a greater number of emails, try to find out the unique way or contact any top-most digital marketing services in Chennai.

Try to Invest More in Blogging

Yes, blogging is the most profitable content marketing activities and still, it remains hot for each and every year. To kick-start this, you have to invest a lot to create blogs such as generate interest, create a list of readers & their opinions and infographics about certain people.

Above all, to succeed in blogging you need great and original content which should be posted regularly in all social medium. Let’s take a small survey, what are the things to suggest for building a blogging career? Here we are giving all this priority in a percentage, just have a look on this.

  • Getting a link on a big website in my niche-13.3%
  • Getting lots of links from different sites- 19.5%
  • Scripting amazing content-80.5%
  • Pay for ads- 3.4%
  • Build a tool or product- 21.7%
  • Finding an untapped niche-20.1%
  • Being prolific on social media-12.7%
  • Posting regularly-58.2%
  • Being original content-45.8%
  • Growing a mail list-61.3%

As per this, concentrate more on mandatory things and elbow your way to increase the traffic and leads to your site.

Promote Your Blog Content

Even though blogging is still hot, we need to promote this as well to strengthen your online presence. Why do these become hot stuff?

Generate Backlinks– You’ll get lots of links from the experts and it’s a great way to build their own authority. Simple, it is scenario like-I’ll scratch your back and you scratch mine scenario.

Easy To Promote– Once your search process on finding your expert is over, your post has been in live process all you’ve to do is, just share the link with the contributors and they’ll share it with their own fans and followers on their favorite social media channels and so on.

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