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Project Management Professional shortly referred to as “PMP” is a respected international credential certification for project managers. PMP certification is provided by Project Management Institute (PMI). The certification exam is based on the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK). The advantage of holding a PMP certification is a dramatic increase in salary and in-depth knowledge of project management.

PMP Classroom training:

55% of people voted for offline classroom training of PMP certification worthy compared to online training, books, and self-practices. They are interested in having more detail about the subject by communicating with the instructor and they believe they can acquire more information by having a classroom based training when compared with online training.

  • Get enrolled into some popular cities and make your way to becoming the certified Project Management Professional.
  • PMP certification in Chennai is highly valued by plenty of positive responses towards the PMP training instructors.
  • Classroom training will provide full freedom for the participant to engage with the instructor and other participants.
  • PMP is industry independent and not confined to any specific industry, it opens the possibility to any person across industries.

Eligibility for PMP certification:

As we mentioned above PMP certification eligibility is determined by the candidate education qualifications.

  • Graduates with 4500 hours of Project Management Experience and 35 hours of Formal Project Management Education/Training are eligible to obtain a PMP certification.
  • Diploma Holders with 7500 hours of Project Management Experience and 35 hours of Formal Project Management Education/Training are eligible to obtain a PMP certification.

Things to do before the exam:

  • Be clear and optimistic before taking up the exam.
  • Practice demo question papers which in turn help to achieve good results.
  • The knowledge acquired while learning can be implied when exposed to the real projects. So, it is wise to learn the theory and add your real time experiences.
  • Do not be overconfident about yourself before the exam. Several other experienced project managers believe their experience is enough to take the exam regret their decision.
  • No need to memorize ITTO (Inputs, Tools, Techniques and Outputs) but just the formulas.
  • Exam questions will be with respect to large and scalable projects. Going through international projects in the learning phase will help.

During the exam:

  • Spending more time for every question is not advisable as it builds up the pressure to complete the remaining questions in very less time towards the end.
  • Get into the flow of answering questions in a specific amount of time rather getting stuck in one single question for a very long time.
  • Visualizing the scenario will help much if a particular question looks to be out of your experience.
  • Utilization of the examination timing is very important. For a long question, it is enough to read the last line of the question to get an understanding rather reading the whole paragraph.

Benefits of PMP:

  • Dramatic Salary Increase.
  • Increased Market Reach.
  • Great Job Opportunities.
  • Exposure to critical projects.
  • Career Growth

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