Benefits of homemade starch – Nutritional benefits of super food


It is often said that starch is not good for a human body. Many people, therefore, cook rice in a different manner so that they do not consume the starch present in it. It is often believed that starch is poisonous to the people having diabetes or a small intestine bacterial growth. Even if starch or glucose is “toxic” for diabetics, should every person suffering from such health issues avoid starch or glucose? There is very less scientific or anthropological evidence to prove that starch may cause damage to human body.

Interesting Facts:

  1. There are millions of people across the world who consumes high starch diets.
  2. Many cultures across the world also consume a large percentage of starch. After consuming a high percentage of starch there are very rare cases of obesity, metabolic problems, and modern inflammatory disease.
  3. The countries which consume a large percentage of starch include Kitava in the Pacific Islands, Tukisenta in the Papa New Guinea Highlands and Okinawans in Japan and much more to be listed.
  4. Starch is made up of Amylase. Scientists believe that Amylase played a crucial role in human evolution. Today humans have much more copies of a gene (AMY1) essential for breaking down calorie-rich starches as compared to our primates.

Benefits of consuming starch:

  1. Consumption of starch help people to eat less food and also it has improved their metabolic problems and the modern diseases are under control
  2. Some scientists believe that consuming a large percentage of starch has helped human begins to evolve their brain in a bigger size.
  3. One of the forms of starch known as resistant starch is said to be most beneficial for human beings. This starch is not digested by the small intestine but it is fermented in the large intestine.
  4. This, in turn, produced short fatty acid chains and becomes an essential form of fibre.These acid chains also act as an energy source for all the colonic cells present in human body.
  5. Researchers also claim that through this there is an increase in the fatty acids in the colon which prevents the growth of the abnormal cells in the guts.
  6. Various starch manufacturers in India provide good quality of starch at your doorsteps too. You can utilize this starch while preparing homemade papads and sauces which can prove to be a lot of benefit for the human body.
  7. Another important benefit is that instead of consuming digestible carbohydrates one can consume resistant starch which will help to control the levels of blood glucose.
  8. Consumption of starch also helps in improvement of the gut health as well as it also reduces the post-meal hunger. This is achieved by releasing the gut hormones which helps in suppressing appetite.

Regular consumption of the starchy food in form of potatoes ( first cook it, cool it and then consume it) along with plenty of fruits, nuts can increase the adequate intake of dietary fibre. This fibre is important as it reduces the risk of diabetes, colon cancer, and even heart disease.

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