A 17-Year Old City boy praised by police Commissioner for nabbing chain-snatcher



April 19, Chennai: A 17-year old guy R. Suryakumar caught a fleeing thief after a hot chase. To appreciate his bravery, today, the guy was applauded by the Police Commissioner A K Viswanathan. He chased and nabbed the thief, who tried to escape after snatching the 10-sovereign (80 grams) gold chain of Dr. Amudha, a gynecologist at her clinic on April 17. The 26-year-old thief had posed as a patient’s husband and visited the doctor’s clinic. After a long conversation with her, suddenly he snatched her chain and ran out of the clinic. Suryakumar, who was in the vicinity, heard the woman’s cries and ran behind the thief, raising an alarm all along and finally caught him.

Later, with the help of the public, the thief was handed over to a police station. Against a spate of chain-snatching incidents here, he appealed to the general public to come forward to help police to nab the culprits. “Without his willpower and public cooperation, our police department cannot function, Viswanathan said. Some footage of the chase obtained from CCTV cameras in the vicinity was also made available to the media.

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